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Shut up. The post-its are speaking.

February 25, 2009

I stumbled upon this on while passing the time at work.

The irony of this photograph is that i work in the building of which it was taken.

Art above is by Adam Ellison

Mean Reds v.s. Mellow Yellow

February 25, 2009
Above image can be found here.

This is a post about feelings. 
Stupid stupid feelings.
I’m feeling yellow. 
Not like that Donavan Song ‘Mellow Yellow”

Just feeling an emotion that can’t find placement, but whatever it is, is not a positive one. 
(Because honestly, who loves the color yellow that much?)

Yellow is one color away from being ‘red with anger’ 
and an opposite color away from having ‘the blues’

Truman Capote would call this feeling ‘the mean reds’

I’m not feeling as elegant as Capotes Breakfast at Tiffanys character, today.

And so I’m just feeling real yellow….

Wary Meyers

February 25, 2009

Wary Meyers Decorative Arts covers many different areas of creativity. Their talents are extreamly wide ranged, as they

  • design furniture for small companys
  • kitchen supplies for Urban Outfitters
  • fancy pea-coats with many buttons
  • pet portraits
  • and they even do interior design. 

The interior design is what really caught my eye, today. Its very 70’s yet less naughty looking than a loft from that period.

There is also an element to the interiors that makes me feel like if i had the space and patience, I could affordably do it myself.

Poster Art

February 25, 2009

Polish posters of Japanese movies.

A post by an American.

Jimmy Eat World Photos

February 24, 2009

Last Night, I ventured far into the city and shifted my way through a crowd of underaged ladies and overgrown boys to shoot Jimmy Eat World at Terminal 5.

They played the entire Clarity album from front to back (along with 5 others). The show was sold out and people were loosing it. They were really on point. It was a good kick off of their decade old album tour.

I think that half way through this shoot, after shaking and almost dropping my camera, I’ve snapped out of the denial that I most likely have given myself carpal tunnel, throughout my years of sitting in seemingly uncomfortable positions while using laptops for seventy five percent of my day, for a majority of my ‘adult’ life.

The Jimmy Eat World article can be found here
The photography is sponsored by the support and fuel of these two things:

ThermaCare Heat wraps

and Mushroom ravioli. The Italian dumpling

Chadwick Tyler Shoots Eating Disorders…er ‘models’

February 22, 2009

I would marry this bulimic fake dork…

All photography is by Chadwick Tyler. 

I like his images because all sets of his are slightly different in port production, but still easy to distinguish as his own.
Typing is dumb. Photos are not.

I’m shooting Jimmy Eat World tomorrow night and I can’t understand three very important things needed for the shoot:
  • Why I can’t make a fist with my right hand
  • Why my camera wont take more than 3 photos without freezing and flashing random numbers on the LCD screen.
  • Why wont someone get back to me about covering the last two hours of work, so I make it on time.

New Street Fighter

February 18, 2009

Street Fighter FOUR is out!

It has been so long. So very long since Street Fighter has updated. 
Which is great news for me, because I find comfort in playing the exact same 2d game that I’ve played my whole life.
But it IS exciting to see what this version will be like.

I found a site that has just articles upon articles about the game! woo!

Kids! Stay Down!

February 18, 2009

Photography of Jan Von Holleben

Sickness and Lack of Sleep Causes Vanity.

February 14, 2009

my phone told me I have 23 new emails.

I get anxious about emails And feel like if i don’t read them, people can’t be offended by my delayed responses…Is this odd?
I try to justify reasons to not check it as often as possible. 
my excuse from Thursday-Saturday is that ‘its my weekend’ 
People justify not checking their emails on the weekends…right?

Instead of 
  • checking my email
  • remembering to take my vitamins 
  • cleaning up the messes I have made

I layed around and 
  • made Valentines Day Mixes 
  • played with photobooth 
  • and photoshop. 

The sun is about to come up, and although I dont FEEL sick, I do sound like Harvey Fierstein which means the slights wrong move could kill the progress my immunities are making.
I hope that being awake at this hour doesn’t count….

Here I am on Sesame Street:

Sick post.

February 13, 2009

ew ew gross ew. There are 8 nerds in that thing. You are no longer a human at that point, just a trapper keeper. a vainey flesh purse for little humans. 

Theres a lot of visible sadness in the states, this week.
  • That video of Jeremy Lusk dying. (The neck snap is so brutal)
  • This photo of Nadya Suleman holding 8 kids in her food bay.
  • The amount of things I am injesting to be able to not be sick by the time I have to go back to work.

This title was going to have to due with Flash Photography and Live Music, but it is now titled "FUCK YOU BLOGGER LAYOUT. You’re a fucking retard."

February 12, 2009

When I was on tour, just learning how to use a digital SLR,  my friend Ryan would challange me into taking photos of our opening band Bloom. In theory, this was simple. The singer would wear all white, and bounce around the stage. All I had to do was open up the flash on my camera, auto focus my stock camera lens, and shoot!

God, was i wrong. I was 19 years old and we were playing at The Metro in Chicago, that discouraging night. 
And from that night forward, I realized that shooting live bands, just wouldn’t be my thing. It was impossible for me to take a decent band photograph. And even if a time was to come, when I found a way to do so, I hadn’t seen a single live photo that I hadn’t seen 100 times before. All music photos just seems so stock, so what was the point in being part of that machine?
Through out tour, I avoided taking photos of our opening bands. Instead I watched Ryan endlessly try to take ‘The Live Photo” that would stand out. I would see him grind his teeth in frustration with some of his results. I felt like the frustration probably came from the fact that you can SEE what you want from the image so badly, but no matter how many different ways you try to achieve the vision your eyes could see, it just never shines through the camera. 
After a pretty short amount of time, I saw his results improve. I thought to myself ‘if he could do it by just trying for long enough, then it must be possible to some extent.’

Sometimes, when the bands would do sound check, he would challange me to getting worthy photos of them playing. I think i was intimidated and embarrassed my his results and tried to stick within my comfort zone. The only ‘live photos’ I was ever satisfied with were photos of HIM trying to get that photo he aimed for.
(This one from Ohio in 2006, stands out in my memory, as one of those moments that I was pleased with.)

When one of our tours had ended, he convinced me to stay on and follow him along on the Japanese Girls Night tour, to take photos. I think I found one through the entire tour of the west coast, that I found to be decent. And it was such a fluke!

(There she is, the Fluke)

A while later, while making a short visit to Orlando to see Ryan. He had gotten fancier equipment. An external flash.
He let me borrow it for the night, and i spent the next year or so, dreaming of owning one and refusing to ever use that stupid bulb on the top of my camera ever again.
On christmas morning, last year, I got the flash i wished for along side a bungee. 
To this day, I’m unsure of its settings. I constantly try to understand it, but I guess that why people pay for schooling in this field, eh?

I always had an interest in becoming a fashion photographer. That was dumb of me. Fashion photography seems to be all about good lighting, decent models, and a good asistant. When I actualy started to get into photography, it was more with the intention of documenting a moment. Not a standard pose. 

New Years of 2007, my boyfriend at the times, band played their first show and I naturally said that it HAD to be documented! This involved the flash that intimidated me so. I used the leash to block out the awkward crowd and setting. The photos came out almost too artistic. odd but good, i guess. Good enough to decide that there is no need to be intimidated by the flash. Good enough to no longer find boredom  in live photos.  Because the GOAL is to try create something worth looking at. Something beyond just the musician. The setting is important too. And i like to try and catch all the elements. 
Ryan has helped inspire me into doing a lot of things I would have given up on, otherwise. Live photos are a big part of this statement. 
Even though I took those photos that i was ok with in 2007, I had no desire to continue doing this area of photography. 
But at the end of 2008, he called me up and helped me score some of the biggest photo jobs I’ve gotten yet! It involved shooting live music exclusively! It was an opportunity that i couldn’t just PASS on because of my own personal feelings on my photos. Instead I went out and have been testing myself by shooting live music while trying to keep a very human element in it. 

As soon as i started this music thing, I had to have a sit-down with my flash. I had to be stern. Tell it there was no more fucking around. I told my flash that she was a beautiful and unique snowflake. A bulb of a different color, and that she should start showing it. 
And I think she listened, because last weekend, I took photos of Acid Tiger and Valient Thorr, and when i got them onto my computer to start editing, there was some crazy shit happening due to the flash going wild.

I’m enjoying the tests of double exposure. I’m enjoying the strictness in meeting deadlines. I’m enjoying what I want to do with my life, no matter what it takes. Because I always seem to surprise myself as soon as I stop giving up.

Recently, This Interior is what I am For

February 10, 2009

More poorly taken photos of this gray little apartment, can be found here.


February 9, 2009
I started posting these photos, then Radiohead…well Tom Yorke just started playing the Grammys with a marching band.
“How come I end up where I started? How come I end up where I went wrong?”

Acid Tiger

February 8, 2009

It was 6 degrees outside and we had a photo shoot planned. Me and my Floridian skin decided the best idea for the shoot involved disassembling  my entire living room, setting up my slightly broken and missing lights, and shooting dudes in the Brooklyn woods. 
I’m pleased with the results and the good news for them!