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A Letter To A Dog (61/365)

January 31, 2010

Dear Charlie,

I was pretty skeptical of our friendship at first, but after learning about our joint love for meat, Iron Maiden, comfy beds, and looking mangey even when we’re clean, I think we’re going to get along just fine.

The fact that you like hanging out in my purse and you’re pretty easy to train, are just the Cool Whip to my Jello pudding.

I love you….I guess.

Your friend,


Emotions and Typography

January 31, 2010

Typography porn source

Do you too consider yourself Rational? Assertive? Traditional? Relaxed?

Well than you would be like me….as a font!

Expanded Antique! And we could post wanted signs around our ghost town about the crook who stole the loot and challenge him to a shootout in front of the saloon.

Perhaps we could fall madly in love and get hitched with all the gamblers, cowboys, fur trappers, gold prospectors, and miners in town watchin’ and we’ll all drink a ton of Sioux City sarsaparilla at the service.

The site I went to for this, is really well composed. They choose really beautiful fonts and relayed them to your personality.

My friend was intrigued by the voice coming from my computer and so we went through the list choosing our favorite fonts before hearing the personality reasoning of it. He thought my choices were fitting of me.

Hence why I also choose:

Pistilli Roman “If you always demand that things be in order, then are incredibly moved when they are”

and Plastica “A small quiet person who doesn’t mind that too much but would like to be seen and heard more than you are”

alright, dork! Your turn. What Type are you?

I’m More Chicken Than You (60/365)

January 30, 2010

I really attempted to partake in the Idiotarod this year. I woke up at some ungodly hour, got dressed up despite the 14 degree weather, and stood around a park waiting for the game to start.

It was about two minutes into it, that I realized that this chicken was going to make it much farther in the race than I would. I swooped out and watched the rest of the race unfold while thawing my hands with a black coffee from Boneshakers.


January 30, 2010

So, I’m finally past the fact that Apple came out with a product that makes me think of  a sanitary napkin. Now I wonder, is there really some rich lazy Macbook Air using idiot out there that is stoked on the new iPad? It seems to just be an  plus sized version of the iPhone.


January 30, 2010

I haven’t compiled a good list, in a while…so hi! Here are some things I love about life, recently:

  • walking around the city taking photos with nothing but my 24mm lens
  • watching The Dick Van Dyke Show on Netflix
  • speaking German to my dog and having her tilt her head in confussion
  • sliding on the hardwood floors with socks on

Dannys knuckles

  • the smell of Windex
  • this weird dress
  • Walking down 9th Ave. and having a very kindhearted friend I haven’t seen in nearly a year put his arm around me, say I’ve missed you, and walk back toward the train
  • Planning dates at the Chelsea Hotel and Philly, around Valentines day
  • Tuesday brunches with Bee Jellyfish

My freshly cleaned desktop

  • Alphabet mugs with the letter C
  • Fresh Directs peanut butter cupcakes.
  • drinking bubbly water out of a huge wine glass

  • This old drawing that my friend AJ made of us. I miss him terribly.
  • bw&wtf tumblr
  • Attractive men sending me nude photos of attractive ladies
  • My stork embroidery scissors
  • Curl Up And Dies “Unfortunately We’re Not Robots” album
  • “Living with a poodle is like sleeping with an ugly girl. Lots of dudes do it….probably won’t admit it.”

– my room mate

  • :swoon:


January 29, 2010

How have I gone 24 years without realizing that you can see Farrah Fawcetts nipples in this photo?

half alive(59/365)

January 29, 2010

Increasingly Inked Files (58/365)

January 28, 2010

Typically when I go in for a job I’m not qualified for, I end up walking out with another opened door doing something I’m more capable of. Its that P.M.A. doing its job!

Thats why I’m just going to continue diving head first through this year.

Selleck. Waterfall. Sandwich.

January 28, 2010

Is it strange to feel inspired by this Tumblr? Its so utterly redi……beautiful.

Fun With Medical Tape

January 28, 2010

I was so full of pancakes and love the other day. I’m glad Bee was able to capture it.

I’ve had an increasingly difficult time breathing, over the week. My friend finally forced me to the doctor who informed me that I had been walking around with three fractured ribs all week. I’m no genius but I would go ahead and say it happened right about the time I took this photo, while working a show:

I’m not taking pain killers for it. I figure if I walked around this long with the problem, I could tough it out. Although what I lack pain killers I make up for in things I should strap and wrap to my chest to keep my ribs from malunion. One being a nude colored tape. Yesterday, I tried to wrangle my boobs into this tape, to see what life would be like if I was a little more like Ken than Barbie.

It was a task that got boring pretty quickly for me, but I think I found out my pups new favorite game!

all this rib talk sure makes a girl hungry. mmmmmmmmmm riiiiiiiiiiiiibs

Couture Rats (57/365)

January 27, 2010

I walked out of my room, last night to see that we now own a chinchilla!

To be honest, I thought these things were gonna be a lot like a guinea pig, but it is actually, despite its unbelievably soft fur, it is more of a rat. So now I live with 2 humans, a snake, a pup, and a couture rat! How our house still smells like windex and lavender, is beyond me.

Heres something I didn’t know about Chinchillas:

  • They have no sweat glands, so they don’t do well in heat.
  • They can’t get wet. Not because they’ll reproduce like some adorable mogwai or something, but because they cant clean it off of them, so it can turn into mold rot the chinchilla.

My favorite part of this chinchilla expreience? Getting to say the word all the time.


Uuuullll Uuuullll (56/365)

January 26, 2010

This makeshift barrier was made to keep Charlie away from the side of the house that was covered in floor cleaner. Although she proved that she was more than able to hurdle over my row of suitcases and lighting trunks (toy poodles were originally bred to be side show and circus pets, after all) she gratiously listened to my command and stayed put with just  little bit of “uuuulll uuuullll” noises.

I Proudly Eat Dog Food.

January 25, 2010

One hungry pup!

She hangs out around the refrigerator when she’s hungry as if its not at all cute, or something.

Today she had ground turkey with brown rice and peas

There was some rice left over. I ate it with my stir fry sauce.

Having a dog is really helping me stick to my gluten free dietary needs, as well as filling my desire to cook for someone all of the time.

a 360 (55/365)

January 25, 2010

I’ve though about putting some type of explanation along side the photos of my “365 project”. All I can say about this one was that sitting on a certain stoop enjoying the rain on my face recalling where I was this time last year. A 360 I have made, indeed.