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January 13, 2011


people who act like cartoon characters

dogs, too

people who take photos of others without the fear of rejection

fending off colds by drinking ice cold smoothies in the middle of winter

disregard for the restrictions of weather


(wo)man eating refrigerators


saving money by making my own bread


using said bread to make the perfect sandwich


Galas refusal to admit that we’re too old to fit on the toddler swings.

“It’s fine…just a little pinchy on the sides”


redneck martini shakers


Lilian Caruanas Punks & Skinheads photo exhibit.


my grocery store, for keeping their Christmas decorations up year round

making cookies that are bigger than my head



fresh uni


drawings in unlikely places


learning about onigiri with the help of rice ball drawings


watching Looney Tunes and drinking coffee in a basement, every Sunday


new friends hanging out with old ones. Apparently one is silver, and the other is gold.


he does have a tint of gold to him…


taking off my pants when I think they make me look fat

honorable mentions:

  • Junji Ito manga
  • The Leauge and Paul Scheer in general
  • raw vegetables with salt
  • the Flipboard app for iPad
  • fresh popcorn for breakfast
  • the TLC Pandora seed
  • Pirate Radio/ The Boat That Rocked
  • deflating an inflatable bed by laying on it as it sinks
  • when people offer their seat on the subway, because I’m holding a lot of shopping bags
  • Art Streibers photos of Justin Beiber for Vainity Fair
  • 38 of New Yorks best soups
  • running into my friends on public transit
  • fresh pillow cases
  • teaching my dog how to high five


Bitches, Bridges, and Bedrooms

March 30, 2009

Helen Levitt died at the age of 95, in her Manhattan apartment.

I remember how inspired and effected I was by this photo, as a little Little.

It was so timeless and reminded me of everything that I loved about New Yorkers and adolescence. It wasn’t until much later, that I discovered the image was from 1939.

Her photos always gave me the sense of memorability, at first glance. Followed by effectiveness upon looking just a little bit further

100 years ago, today, the Queensborough Bridge was completed. Only killing 50 people, in the process!

The Queensborough Bridge is so commonly overlooked. I blame the Brooklyn Bridge, for this.

With 4 top lanes, and 5 bottom lanes, it really does an amazing job at commuting traffic into Midtown. Even in the worst of traffic, I don’t think I’ve ever been on there for over 25 minutes.

The Bowery Boys did a pretty interesting little blog about the bridge today. Enjoy the fuck out of it!

At this turning point of my life, I am reminded of the memories of this bridge in my life, as stupid as it may sound. Its just a fucking bridge.

Finishing up my true New Yorker post, I feel pretty inspired by tiny pods!

I wish i owned a little area and a big fucking drill.

"Our words have formed a death sentence, and I wish that we had never talked. Our hips said it all."

March 10, 2009

Last night Blender sent on a mission to shoot a few men who have preached about hating their genitals

Although I do really like a few albums, I was never a die hard Cursive fan, but seeing them live made me reconsider. 

I typically don’t connect with live music, too often. But this show was pretty amazing.
I left Cursive feeling like I would have totally seen them again. 

Even decided that (due to the economy and not cause I’m stingy, of course) I would even pay 10 bucks to do so!

  • The set was beautifully diverse
  • The band went nuts and really enjoyed themselves
  • The crowd was friendly and accommodating (with the exception of the girl who didn’t want me standing near her at the front, even when the show hadn’t started yet)
  • I got to use my flash against Tims picnic shirt
  • I didn’t even notice they had played 20 songs starting at 11pm
  • I even forgot I was tired!

If you listen to Cursive, you’ll be able to tell that the vocals are distinctly different from your average semi screaming indie band. I feel like this photo is interesting because it illustrates how that sound got achieved. 

Instead of screaming directly into the mic, he kept screaming into his cupped hand, that was tilted into the mic. 
Such a small musical idea that is a major layer in the creativity of this band.

The actual review along with more photos that I took during last nights show, are up on Blenders Blog. 

I’m urging you to go to this blog entry by using big red letters, because I’m feeling proud and positive about my results from the night. 
This is a rare Chloe feeling

*I may also just be hyper emotional because to sleep deprivation. (I have yet to actually sleep since 8am, yesterday)

Sick post.

February 13, 2009

ew ew gross ew. There are 8 nerds in that thing. You are no longer a human at that point, just a trapper keeper. a vainey flesh purse for little humans. 

Theres a lot of visible sadness in the states, this week.
  • That video of Jeremy Lusk dying. (The neck snap is so brutal)
  • This photo of Nadya Suleman holding 8 kids in her food bay.
  • The amount of things I am injesting to be able to not be sick by the time I have to go back to work.

Mikeys Holiday party

December 21, 2008

Yes. I did it. I left the house. And a friend once told me that 
unless its documented, its like it never happened. She was very right. 

More recently, I was told by another friend that i seem to speak in tongues. I enjoy doing so, if that is, in fact, the case. Less words, more facts. Its a good style, and the combination of photographic documentations and speaking in the bare minimal amount of words needed to get your points across, is a beautiful thing to have the ability to do. 

  • free empanadas
  • free colt 45
  • free rides from home to the river
  • trapeze artists with feathers for tits
  • light hearted drunken co workers
  • three bands
  • first place alcoholic necklaces
  • light snow
  • girls dancing in shorts and popcorn
  • trading tokens for jack n cokes
  • camera battles with a Nikon
  • misuse of mittens
  • cardboard catastrophes 
  • sick jellyfish