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Stacked Like a 5th grader (105/365)

March 15, 2010

There are few things I miss more about childhood than being in class with a vague project idea, a thick stack of white paper, and buckets of colorful pens and pencils. It really made me use my imagination.

The other day, I was shooting a project at the MOMA that involved some lucky teenagers and my most loved childhood atmosphere.

I think that over the next month or so, I’m going to set a day of the week where I set my house up like a 5th grade art class and have my adult friends over for some childlike fun.

A Love Train (76/365)

February 15, 2010

I happen to have had the best Valentines day ever. I had such a day full of love that I decided to spread it around a bit.

I turned the L train into the Love train.


Patched Up Hearts (75/365)

February 14, 2010

I had a ton of red scrap felt, so I cut it into tons of little hearts and made Valentines day patches with my friends initials on them!

Its pretty simple all you need is:

  • embrodery floss
  • needle
  • felt
  • thread that is the same color of the felt
  • fusible interface

Sew the embroidery floss through the heart so that it creates a letter, stitch the interface onto the back and volia!

I made a card, and attached the patch onto it, but now i wish I would have somehow attached it to my Valentines Mix.

Click on my Valentine for some lovely tunes

Emotions and Typography

January 31, 2010

Typography porn source

Do you too consider yourself Rational? Assertive? Traditional? Relaxed?

Well than you would be like me….as a font!

Expanded Antique! And we could post wanted signs around our ghost town about the crook who stole the loot and challenge him to a shootout in front of the saloon.

Perhaps we could fall madly in love and get hitched with all the gamblers, cowboys, fur trappers, gold prospectors, and miners in town watchin’ and we’ll all drink a ton of Sioux City sarsaparilla at the service.

The site I went to for this, is really well composed. They choose really beautiful fonts and relayed them to your personality.

My friend was intrigued by the voice coming from my computer and so we went through the list choosing our favorite fonts before hearing the personality reasoning of it. He thought my choices were fitting of me.

Hence why I also choose:

Pistilli Roman “If you always demand that things be in order, then are incredibly moved when they are”

and Plastica “A small quiet person who doesn’t mind that too much but would like to be seen and heard more than you are”

alright, dork! Your turn. What Type are you?

Shut up. The post-its are speaking.

February 25, 2009

I stumbled upon this on while passing the time at work.

The irony of this photograph is that i work in the building of which it was taken.

Art above is by Adam Ellison

Mean Reds v.s. Mellow Yellow

February 25, 2009
Above image can be found here.

This is a post about feelings. 
Stupid stupid feelings.
I’m feeling yellow. 
Not like that Donavan Song ‘Mellow Yellow”

Just feeling an emotion that can’t find placement, but whatever it is, is not a positive one. 
(Because honestly, who loves the color yellow that much?)

Yellow is one color away from being ‘red with anger’ 
and an opposite color away from having ‘the blues’

Truman Capote would call this feeling ‘the mean reds’

I’m not feeling as elegant as Capotes Breakfast at Tiffanys character, today.

And so I’m just feeling real yellow….

Poster Art

February 25, 2009

Polish posters of Japanese movies.

A post by an American.

Keepin’ McBoing-Boing alive

January 25, 2009

Recently, I found out that the animators at Cartoon Network had decided that it was a good idea to redo the cartoon Gerald McBoing-Boing.


Sorry. Wrong again, ‘creative’ minds of this ridiculous millennium.

It’s not that the new version is horrible, but it was ART. Not just another  thing to feed to people with no imagination and attention span. 

Gerald McBoingBoing was a cartoon adapted from a Seuss story, and turned into a cartoon by Phil Eastman and Bill Scott, at UPA Studios. 

The cartoon was made after a major price cutting in animation. The animators involved, considered Gerald McBoing-Boing an artistic exercise and not just a way to produce cheap cartoons.

The character and adaptation was dubbed with the popular voice of ‘yesteryear’ Harold Peary 

because no character in the cartoon was meant to talk. No talking friends. No talking dog.

Just Peary and a score by composer Gail Kubik.


Dr. Seuss has already had Universal Studios and Mike Meyers give him a had for his already turned body, from his grave, so I’m sure that man is probably thinking “of course you would rape my work. whatever. at least my family is filthy rich”

But if I were part of the animation team that created McBoing-Boing, I think i would be ticked.

People create these shows, just shitting on the studios that put them into motion. 

United Productions of America (UPA):

The studio primed between the 40’s and the 60’s. It was founded after the 1941 Disney strike, by some bright folks who decided that making animation into some form of realisim as aposed to a creative entity on its own, was bullshit.

The UPA has an easily identifiable style, to this day, from always experimanting with character design and perspective. 

John Hubley lead the team of animation into becoming what it was, and shortly after he was fired, UPA studios kind of went to shit. 

(A 1952 piece from John Hubley from UPA’s Rooty Toot)

The main realization of what i appreciate about animation, hit me today. 

If at any given moment, you should be able to pause a well made cartoon, and be able to imagine that illustration as a print. 

Dan McCarthy

December 4, 2008

I just bought this 25×19 print by Dan McCarthy, for my house today. 

I just spent about an hour looking through all of his prints. Aside from being visually stunning, his creations are rhetorically steeped in messages that deal with life, death, love and naturalism.

Many of his paintings follow a similar theme to the example to the right. McCarthy likes to highlight the ways in which the dead and alive, the past and the present interact. One painting shows rabbits eating strawberries off a plant whose roots are firmly rooted in a human skeleton underground. Another shows the ghost of a dinosaur creeping up on the ghost of a human.

McCarthy’s paintings are not just aesthetically pleasing. I find that most people who take even just a minute to look through some of his work generally find something worth responding to. His paintings carry emotional impact and seem to say things about the world that are truer than words can often express.

If i had the extra money, i probably would have gotten this one too…

I wish there was a way to show the detail of this one. Its a wood block painted over with black. 

Less routine, more life, please.

December 3, 2008
Until I am able to shrug off my malaise, Its best that i not type, post images of recent interest, eat Pocky,  and continue listening to Torche…and Floor…same difference, I guess.

cover art by Ken Kelly

Jenny Agutter in Logans Run. 

Cover art by Charles Burns


Marc Ford from his time playing with the Black Crowes durring the time of Amorica

R.I.P. Oldboy

November 11, 2008

Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are talking about remaking the Korean movie Oldboy. Don’t they know that we are only weeks into trying to rebuild America as something to be proud of? That movie is untouchable, for us. Its too smart, too bloody, and too perfect to say ‘I ruied War of the Worlds, so why not take a stab at destroying this one, too?’

I know the feeling.

In happier news, my friend Gala decided that I got to be the poster girl for Happy, today! 
So due to this, I feel like I should tell you about the thing that have recently made me very happy:
  • The Billy Wilder movie The Apartment. Jack Lemmon is a pleasant person to watch panic and love.

  • And this painting by Brian Viveros.