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Keepin’ McBoing-Boing alive

January 25, 2009

Recently, I found out that the animators at Cartoon Network had decided that it was a good idea to redo the cartoon Gerald McBoing-Boing.


Sorry. Wrong again, ‘creative’ minds of this ridiculous millennium.

It’s not that the new version is horrible, but it was ART. Not just another  thing to feed to people with no imagination and attention span. 

Gerald McBoingBoing was a cartoon adapted from a Seuss story, and turned into a cartoon by Phil Eastman and Bill Scott, at UPA Studios. 

The cartoon was made after a major price cutting in animation. The animators involved, considered Gerald McBoing-Boing an artistic exercise and not just a way to produce cheap cartoons.

The character and adaptation was dubbed with the popular voice of ‘yesteryear’ Harold Peary 

because no character in the cartoon was meant to talk. No talking friends. No talking dog.

Just Peary and a score by composer Gail Kubik.


Dr. Seuss has already had Universal Studios and Mike Meyers give him a had for his already turned body, from his grave, so I’m sure that man is probably thinking “of course you would rape my work. whatever. at least my family is filthy rich”

But if I were part of the animation team that created McBoing-Boing, I think i would be ticked.

People create these shows, just shitting on the studios that put them into motion. 

United Productions of America (UPA):

The studio primed between the 40’s and the 60’s. It was founded after the 1941 Disney strike, by some bright folks who decided that making animation into some form of realisim as aposed to a creative entity on its own, was bullshit.

The UPA has an easily identifiable style, to this day, from always experimanting with character design and perspective. 

John Hubley lead the team of animation into becoming what it was, and shortly after he was fired, UPA studios kind of went to shit. 

(A 1952 piece from John Hubley from UPA’s Rooty Toot)

The main realization of what i appreciate about animation, hit me today. 

If at any given moment, you should be able to pause a well made cartoon, and be able to imagine that illustration as a print. 

Harvey Milk

January 24, 2009

I saw Milk last night with a few close friends, in Chelsea


Sean Penn is amazing. He always has an element of himself in all of his roles, no matter how versatile they are. I spent the first 5 minutes of every Sean Penn movie, adjusting and then i let him blow my mind.

Defamer put it perfectly. Sean Penn put on his ‘Horshackian‘ voice again, for this role. ha

Its difficult to figure out how to explain the movie other than amazing cinematography and acting, since all of Gus Van Sants movies are very simplistic and allow the performances within it, stand out. 

oh and P.S. fuck James Franco. 

I hate him and hope he does because hes so charming that i drives me crazy. Hes not unbelievably hot, but he has those stupid weirdo glossy squinty eyes which he uses to summon tears in every role. 

Hes playing Allen Ginsberg in a movie coming out called Howl. 

His mother is a poet, and hes playing a gay poet. This shows that hes going to dominate the role, and I’m not going to be able to watch it because seeing him and knowing that being his friend is as unattainable as owning a farm of lampreys.

UGH! Ew! Quit trying to show me you’re nipple. I hate you.

Yeah. use that deodorant. You smell like aids.

As for Harvey Milk, himself. Before being an activist, he was a recreational photographer!

He used a 35mm Nikon Nippon Kogaku

He opens Castro Camera after taking a roll of film to a local pharmacy by his new home San Francisco, only to find that the Irish workers had ruined his photos.

The two above images were of Milks NY boyfriend, Joe Campbell. Long after these photos were taken, Campbell became part on New Yorks hustling Warholian scene, was dubbed Sugar Plum Fairy, and used in Lou Reeds song Walk on the Wild Side

The Fetish

January 18, 2009
Photos by ohChloe 2009

Twa Terminal Tag

January 13, 2009

I’ve been tagged

Here are the rules.

1.go to your documents

2. go to your 6th file.

3.go to your 6th picture.

4. blog about it.

5. tag 6 friends to do the same.

…I cheated. I’ve been so busy, that there is rarity in being able to get on my laptop. 

So I’ve taken my flash dive, hooked it into the computer at work, and gone to the 6th photo on it. 

Its a photo of terminal 5, that I took after dropping my close friend off at the Jet Blue terminal back to Florida. While he sat on the plane, delayed due to the intense snow that was beginning to stick, I procrastinated my long train ride home and attempted to teach myself some new photo tricks.

This photo was an example of one of my first long exposure shots, while balancing the camera on my knee, with the hood of my winter jacket hovering over me, to block out the glare of the window and the railing that i had wedged myself between, for about an hour.

That night, I was spending my time looking at the building that had sparked my interest in fake future, architecture of the 1960s, and flight in general.  It was the terminal that I had gawked at, every time my mother or grandmother brought me to the airport since I was too young to care about anything but shapes and colors. 

I never got to go into it since my family was dedicated to the deals and security that Delta gave for unattended children.

Photo of jetBlues new carousel. by me.

  • Originally the TWA Flight Center by Eero Saarinen, a Finnish architect that was known in the 50’s for his attention to curves and cantilevered forms. 
  • Saarinen died in 1961, a year before the Flight Center was completed.
  • During its construction, the engineers apparently had shit fits, trying to figure out how to contain the concrete reinforcements. In the end, they bent paperclips over the model, to decide on the final shaping of the rebar
  • This building was the first airline terminal to have closed circuit television, a central public address system, baggage carousels, an electronic schedule board and precursors to the now ubiquitous baggage weigh-in scales
  • The main section of Terminal 5 was shut down in 2001, when TWA was bought by American Airlines.
  • In 2002, the terminal was used for the filming of Catch Me if You Can.
  • In 2004 19 artists from 10 different countries, including Douglas Coupland, WK, and Vanessa Beecroft, did an illegal exhibit in terminal 5 which was technically open for a single minute, before being shut down by Port Authority.
  • The pieces from that exhibit are apparently still in Terminal 5.
  • JetBlue took over a portion of Terminal 5, in October 2008 by demolishing its peripheral gates, and reconstructing them to fit 26 planes. 
  • The idea of turning the terminal into a resturaunt or conference center, has been tossed around for years. But the main hub is still a mess of construction.

Holiday Representative.

January 11, 2009

I’ve added the first ‘set’ of my new year. 
“Out With The Old” photos by me! the ohChloe

Christmas Trees are items that seem like an extremely important accessory to ones life, at a certain point in time. We pretend to respect them because we are ‘environmentally friendly’, for 11 months out of the year, then that one month comes along and we decide that although we are hurting and killing them, we still love and respect them. Thats why we uproot them from their flourishing lives and cover them in tensile to talk about and use, before being tossed and forgotten, then recollected the next year.

There is a metaphor in everything, if I think about it the right way. 
Around the holidays, after being tossed about for years and considered obviously disposable, I was suddenly considered a valuable asset once again. The one to bring home for Christmas, to exchange gifts with, and to decorate these representatives of myself with. 

A restraint to buy the tree for disposal this year.
As well as a revolt to have my roots watered before being tossed for a dog to shit upon somewhere on Graham Ave….again.

Day one of 2009, I came out on the other side, with friends who share the same eye for equality. 
Who will text me about a dead tree they passed and thought about me.
Who try to motivate me with their project which coincidentally merges with mine.

A result of these photos, along side a sense of slight accomplishment, was that I received the Spirt Award for taking part in Ryans version of this! Ryan’s version is very appropriate to the type of person I find in him. He motivates others to get off their ass and do something creative and inspiring. I was so happy with the outcome of his project. So many participants! I think I should give my spirt award right back to him.

The Dead Tree Project.

Transition Team 2009

January 7, 2009

The full set of photos taken on New Years, can be seen here.
Happy New Year, Stupids

Diamond Dave Is Making My Day.

January 7, 2009

Find YOUR favorite vocal turrets, on this amazing little website.