Make Monday: Black Hearted

February means the saddest excuse for a holiday, is upon us. Valentines day. If your heart is as jaded as mine, then perhaps you will enjoy my craft project for this Make Monday. A little black heart pin for you or one of your mutually bitter single friends.

you’ll need:

  • a saftey pin
  • black felt
  • scissors
  • pins
  • embrodery floss
  • sewing needle
  • stuffing

start by cutting two identical hearts out of felt.

pull the string though one heartanchor the string with a knotsew part of the safety pin to the heart, starting with the circle part

don’t bother cutting the stringpin the second piece of felt sew them togetherbefore closing it, fill it with some stuffingstitch it up and give it to someone you love, despite Valentines Day.


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11 Responses to “Make Monday: Black Hearted”

  1. Shayla Says:

    Ahhhh yeahhhyuh! I love this tutorial!

  2. scottcarberry Says:

    like you are a crafty Joan Jett!!

  3. monkeyKing Says:

    is this an irony or an incongruity? (either way its funny.)

  4. hitchhiked Says:

    Ha, what a coincidence– I made one of these last month. Except it was red.These are so damn cool, though, that I think it’s time to buy some black felt…

  5. City Reliquary Museum Says:

    Thanks for posting this tutorial. I think that City Reliquary is going to use this for our craft night next week.

  6. TC Says:


  7. dietplaid Says:

    These may be in my near future.

  8. :: smo :: Says:

    i am a mutually bitter single friend! though i celebrate van halentine’s day instead!

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