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Twa Terminal Tag

January 13, 2009

I’ve been tagged

Here are the rules.

1.go to your documents

2. go to your 6th file.

3.go to your 6th picture.

4. blog about it.

5. tag 6 friends to do the same.

…I cheated. I’ve been so busy, that there is rarity in being able to get on my laptop. 

So I’ve taken my flash dive, hooked it into the computer at work, and gone to the 6th photo on it. 

Its a photo of terminal 5, that I took after dropping my close friend off at the Jet Blue terminal back to Florida. While he sat on the plane, delayed due to the intense snow that was beginning to stick, I procrastinated my long train ride home and attempted to teach myself some new photo tricks.

This photo was an example of one of my first long exposure shots, while balancing the camera on my knee, with the hood of my winter jacket hovering over me, to block out the glare of the window and the railing that i had wedged myself between, for about an hour.

That night, I was spending my time looking at the building that had sparked my interest in fake future, architecture of the 1960s, and flight in general.  It was the terminal that I had gawked at, every time my mother or grandmother brought me to the airport since I was too young to care about anything but shapes and colors. 

I never got to go into it since my family was dedicated to the deals and security that Delta gave for unattended children.

Photo of jetBlues new carousel. by me.

  • Originally the TWA Flight Center by Eero Saarinen, a Finnish architect that was known in the 50’s for his attention to curves and cantilevered forms. 
  • Saarinen died in 1961, a year before the Flight Center was completed.
  • During its construction, the engineers apparently had shit fits, trying to figure out how to contain the concrete reinforcements. In the end, they bent paperclips over the model, to decide on the final shaping of the rebar
  • This building was the first airline terminal to have closed circuit television, a central public address system, baggage carousels, an electronic schedule board and precursors to the now ubiquitous baggage weigh-in scales
  • The main section of Terminal 5 was shut down in 2001, when TWA was bought by American Airlines.
  • In 2002, the terminal was used for the filming of Catch Me if You Can.
  • In 2004 19 artists from 10 different countries, including Douglas Coupland, WK, and Vanessa Beecroft, did an illegal exhibit in terminal 5 which was technically open for a single minute, before being shut down by Port Authority.
  • The pieces from that exhibit are apparently still in Terminal 5.
  • JetBlue took over a portion of Terminal 5, in October 2008 by demolishing its peripheral gates, and reconstructing them to fit 26 planes. 
  • The idea of turning the terminal into a resturaunt or conference center, has been tossed around for years. But the main hub is still a mess of construction.