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Holiday Representative.

January 11, 2009

I’ve added the first ‘set’ of my new year. 
“Out With The Old” photos by me! the ohChloe

Christmas Trees are items that seem like an extremely important accessory to ones life, at a certain point in time. We pretend to respect them because we are ‘environmentally friendly’, for 11 months out of the year, then that one month comes along and we decide that although we are hurting and killing them, we still love and respect them. Thats why we uproot them from their flourishing lives and cover them in tensile to talk about and use, before being tossed and forgotten, then recollected the next year.

There is a metaphor in everything, if I think about it the right way. 
Around the holidays, after being tossed about for years and considered obviously disposable, I was suddenly considered a valuable asset once again. The one to bring home for Christmas, to exchange gifts with, and to decorate these representatives of myself with. 

A restraint to buy the tree for disposal this year.
As well as a revolt to have my roots watered before being tossed for a dog to shit upon somewhere on Graham Ave….again.

Day one of 2009, I came out on the other side, with friends who share the same eye for equality. 
Who will text me about a dead tree they passed and thought about me.
Who try to motivate me with their project which coincidentally merges with mine.

A result of these photos, along side a sense of slight accomplishment, was that I received the Spirt Award for taking part in Ryans version of this! Ryan’s version is very appropriate to the type of person I find in him. He motivates others to get off their ass and do something creative and inspiring. I was so happy with the outcome of his project. So many participants! I think I should give my spirt award right back to him.

The Dead Tree Project.