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Random Assortment of Recent Nouns

March 24, 2010

all photos by Chloe Rice

The Meghan Project (89/365)

March 1, 2010

The other day during breakfast with my vegan friends Justin and Meghan, I found out that most Bloody Marys are NOT in fact vegan. How unfortunate! Blame the horseradish.

It was during this meal that Justin had told me about his plan to take a photo of Meghan every single day of the year. His ambition to meet up with her everyday for 365 days straight has been the only thing that has kept me feeling inspired recently. So today I’m stirring up a project for personal use and not just for work purpose.

Excited, indeed.

Mixed Company (78/365)

February 19, 2010

The other day I got to spend some time with Justin and Lucy. Played video games with Justin and “Please don’t accidently take off my finger in this game of tug-o-war” with Lucy.

Justin knew I was feeling a bit down recently and made me a mix before I left. Needless to say, he lifted my sprits and warmed my little ole’ heart which probably smelt like rotting gruyere cheese beforehand.

Heres what was on it:

1. the knife – pass this on
2. fever ray – when i grow up
3. dangermouse and sparklehorse – little girl (featuring julian casablancas)
4. rainer maria – tinfoil
5. jawbox – savory
6. alkaline trio – this could be love
7. pinback – penelope
8. reverie sound revue – you don’t exist if i don’t see you
9. camera obscura – happy new year
10. dinosaur jr. – feel the pain
11. dave rawlings machine – sweet tooth

Fore Face (53/365)

January 23, 2010