Make Monday: Chocolate Covered Popcorn

I used to be really intimidated by popcorn. Thats right…..popcorn.

The thought of making it outside of those pre-buttered microwave bags or pre-buttered aluminum tins, seemed impossible. I thought I hated popcorn, but turns out that I just hated that weird butter. Ever since someone showed me how easy making your own popcorn could be, I’ve been eating it pretty much every day.

My teeth may hate me for saying this, but I LOVE popcorn! I love it so much that over the summer, I’ve tried 12 different kernels and several kinds of salts to add to them. After extensive research, my favorite popcorn combo is the plain ole’ popcorn drizzled with chocolate and sprinkled with corse salt.

Turns out its really simple to make!

Start by heating up a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil in a large pot with about a cup of popcorn kernels.

when one starts to pop, put a lid on the pot while occasionally shaking the pot to make sure all of the kernels are getting heated at the bottom of the pot.

Keep the heat on until there  is 2-3 seconds between popping sounds.

Lay the popcorn onto a cookie sheet thats lined with parchment paper

put about half a bag worth of chocolate chips into a double broiler (or a metal mixing bowl on top of a boiling pot of water, in my case) and mix with a fork until the chocolate chips become a puddle of chocolate.

lightly shake a fork full of melted chocolate over your sheet of popcorn.

continue doing this until you’ve lightly covered all of the popcorn

sprinkle some salt over the coated popcorn, and place the tray in the refrigerator for about a half an hour, or until the chocolate hardens.

I put my finished product into a plastic bag, attached a cute drawing, tied it with some string from the hardware store, and had a lovely little treat to give away!

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15 Responses to “Make Monday: Chocolate Covered Popcorn”

  1. Jorge D. Says:

    That looks friggin good! I never thought of using olive oil!

  2. Alison Heller Says:

    I adore your blue pot! Where did you get it?

    Also, this is my favorite snack! Why did I never think to make it at home? Every year, one of my mom’s students makes this for her as a Christmas gift and I promptly run to her house and steal the whole bag.

  3. Bambi Says:

    I think I found my dinner plans!

  4. food « oronald Says:

    […] Make Monday: Chocolate Covered Popcorn Posted on January 17th, 2011 by ohChloe […]

  5. soakednuts Says:

    Wow, it’s soo simple-I like it! Chocolate and salt are made for each other 🙂

  6. Jennie P. Martin Says:

    I love this idea. I think they would be great and less mess than popcorn balls.

  7. 465436 Says:

    O Jesus, son of Mary! Is thy Lord able to send down for us a table spread with food from heaven

  8. mclj2011 Says:

    I like the artwork — chocolate covered popcord is delicious!

  9. katshealthcorner Says:

    I absolutely love this idea!! The chocolate drizzle is so perfect! I can’t wait to try it out! 🙂


  10. Brittany Grace Says:

    I, too, have a love affair with stove top popcorn.
    Have you tried adding a few sprinkles of cayenne pepper to your chocolate sea salt combo? Yum.
    Another favorite flavor: fresh rosemary with lavender salt and cracked black pepper. ; )

  11. rsmacaalay Says:

    I havent tried this yet but definitely will like it, we love caramel popcorns and this will be a great replacement!


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