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Why balloons say “boo” to me.

October 27, 2010

Cheer up, Lurch. Halloween is so soon!

Thatll do, I guess.

Halloween is pretty soon. I’ve recently heard a lot of people say how much they hate the ‘holiday’ but what kind of American hates a day that is only celebrated here and revolves around horror and candy?! Well, sooo0oorry if I’m entertained by peoples interpretation of ‘spooky’ and drunken girls in sexy costumes vomiting on the street. If the day revolved around things that I am legitimately petrified of, I may not like it so much.

So for me, a bad Halloween would consist of a mere two things.

1) The L train coming to a halt between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Call me crazy, but theres something extremely unsettling about  being inclosed in a cart, in a tube, underneath the East River fo any longer than I absolutely have to.

2) Balloons. Don’t get me wrong. I love how they look and there’s something really liberating about walking around with them.  I’m constantly afraid that some asshole is going to come up and pop one. The noise of a balloon popping is one of the most cringe inducing noises ever. Even when I know its coming, I will never be prepared to hear it without flinching.

    Damn you, sadistic children!

    So as long as my halloween doesn’t include drowning on the subway while a bundle of balloons are popping around me, I’m looking forward Halloween!

    I plan on dressing as  Myra Hindley (….probably Myra Hindley in a bear hat, if its cold out)  and making a mix cd to hand out after I eat all the candy intended for children. Not shockingly, the ear candy will probably involve a lot of Murder City Devils and this:

    Friends Move Forward

    October 26, 2010

    Bea & Guav (2007)

    Usually upon meeting your friends significant others, you realize that you’re about to start seeing a lot less of them. That was pretty much the case with my old friend Guav after he got married to Bea! Bea and I seemed to have so much in common that I found myself going out to New Jersey just to eat junk food, go to thrift stores, and be inspired by her creativity all while Guav was at work. Although I don’t see her as often as I wish I could, shes become a really important friend to me.

    Guav and Bea have helped me though rough times and have been around for some really great times. And now that they have a son, Brixton, they’re making that move that any finically responsible couple with a kid makes. They’re moving away from the city.

    As sad as I am about it, I’m happy for them to move someplace that is more family oriented.

    It was nice to spend the last few days that they were in town with them and taking photos of New Jersey, since I can’t see myself having any reason to go out there, anymore.

    Don’t cry, little buddy! I’ll see you soon!
    All photos taken by Chloe Rice


    October 25, 2010

    Productivity is minimal, right now. I blame the delicious Pop Tarts, sweet jams, and that Zombie Beauty Pageant that forced me out past my bed time, last night. I do not like this zombie trend. Not one bit.

    A New Travel Companion.

    October 16, 2010

    I love a good “whats in the bag” entry but ever since I got my little sidekick, I can’t fit much more into my bag than my wallet, Nintendo, and the sidekick. I’ve been traveling around a lot lately and on top of not being able to get internet connection 75% of my week, I also have no room in my bag for some travel essentials.

    This week has been filled with amazing little shopping finds. One of them being the 5 dollar hard suitcase I found at a thrift store in New Jersey. If you couldn’t tell from this entry, I’m a bit of a collector of old suitcases. What’s not to love?!

    • They’re aesthetically pleasing
    • There is attention paid to the fabric and detail
    • They are so much nicer to look at than storage boxes
    • They have extra little compartments for things that are irrelevant in standard life nowadays
    • And there always seems to be some mystery stains on the interior of them that remind me that someone got a good use out if it before I received it

    I have several hard shell cases, but this is the first on that I’ve actually bought with the intention of using it to travel with.

    The divider wall does a lovely job at holding my lady things, an old cigarette case filled with on-the-go sewing supplies, and some Japanese snacks (yamagobo and shredded squid are both SO good). The little blue guy on the top is my awesome kewpie inspired baby biter toy from Paul Kaiju.

    Another amazing girl purchase of the week are these shoes from one of those questionable trendy shops called Afaze. They set me back 15 bucks, and are the most comfortable heels I own.

    This detachable pouch is my favorite compartment of the little travel companion. It fits all the computer cords and charges I seem to use everyday, perfectly!

    The inside of this pouch even held a little key!

    Now I don’t have to worry about someone stealing my fifteen dollar shoes, thank god.

    I think this is the first time in my life I have been super excited about things like shoes and shopping. Sorry about that…….listen to my favorite Metallica song.


    Fall for a Fembot in France

    October 16, 2010

    I wish my fall looked more like an entry from Cherry Blossom Girls corner of the internet.

    Stoned Sounds

    October 15, 2010

    My friend Zach and I recently set out on a trip and ended up in Bucks county Pennsylvania.

    While waiting to begin this adventure, we found out that Port Authority has a bowling alley in it. I’m starting to warm up to the ‘sport’ of bowling but sometimes the atmosphere is just too much. I mean, are black lights, a cocktail waitress, and T-pain all necessary when someone it trying to bowl their time away at 10am on a Monday?

    For the first time since riding that sedated pony during my year of summer camp, I got up close to a horse. Several horses as well as many other farm animals, actually.

    I really enjoyed a place called Ringing Rocks Park. It appeared to be a pretty average small town park. Lined with trees that, although were mostly green, indicated that the season is about to make that huge turn into the cold. What set this park apart from most was that while following the trail, I found myself stepping over more and more rocks until the dirt just disappeared leaving me in front of a massive boulder field. The rock trail seemed to span a good couple of football fields, and the stark contrast between the lifelessness in the rock pit, surrounded by all of the healthy trees made it seem slightly unreal.Its called “ringing rocks” because, due to the fluctuating amounts of iron in each rock, along with the stress in them, along with the fact that they are all firmly wedged into each other, they make strange sounds when you hit them with a metal object. It sounds like a hammer hitting an anvil. Its one of the only two parks that holds rocks like these. The other being in Montana, and who wants to go there?

    Oh and did I forget to mention this amazing little nugget we brought back as a souvenir?! Well, Zach did at least. I just stole some of the love n cuddles from him on the ride home.

    Built To Spill

    October 6, 2010

    Last night, I went to see Built to Spill. This morning I was reminded of this photo I took of Dug when I shot them for Brooklyn Vegan, last year.  Looking back, I like how it came out. A perfect blend of color and negative space.

    Good job, self! You totally deserve a cookie..or 5!