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Muddled (87/365)

March 1, 2010

The other day, as the snow melted, and I took the dog for her usual walk around the block, she did that thing that everyone is guilty of. She leaped right into a huge murkey puddle that she had mistaken for solid ground.

Poor pup

Doin’ It On My Limbs (73/365)

February 13, 2010

Yesterday  my dog learned how to hump. Its the sneakiest dog move ever. It always takes me a second to realize when it’s happening.  “awe she’s hugging my leg….wow she’s really got a gri….HEY! NO!”

A Letter To A Dog (61/365)

January 31, 2010

Dear Charlie,

I was pretty skeptical of our friendship at first, but after learning about our joint love for meat, Iron Maiden, comfy beds, and looking mangey even when we’re clean, I think we’re going to get along just fine.

The fact that you like hanging out in my purse and you’re pretty easy to train, are just the Cool Whip to my Jello pudding.

I love you….I guess.

Your friend,


The Cute (38/365)

January 8, 2010

Charlie and Algernon (36/365)

January 5, 2010