Make Monday: good coffee

I’m a total coffee snob. I drink it black, so that usually means I can taste all of its imperfections. If its burnt, old, ect.

Heres some tips on how to make a perfect cup of coffee.


  • Should be fine enough to allow water to pass through coffee grounds without overflow.
  • If you’re able to access a proper coffee shop, just ask them to ground it for whatever coffee chachkaa you use. (meletia cup, drip, french press, ect)


  • Start with two level tablespoons for every 6 oz cup; adjust to your taste


  • Water should be sweet, without excessive minerals or salt. Use spring water, if you’re not sure.


  • 190 Fahrenheit
  • The water should never be brought to a boil, because it’ll burn the coffee.


  • Good coffee will stay fresh for 2 weeks if kept air tight and away from moisture condensation.
  • Those waxy paper bags with the twist tie on top, that the coffee usually comes in? yeah. those work just dandy just as long as you squeeze out all excess air. and tightly close it.

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12 Responses to “Make Monday: good coffee”

  1. Jorge D. Says:

    Nice post. I drink my coffee black w a lil bit of sugar but my job gets some industrial brand that tastes like steel. Yucko!

  2. scottcarberry Says:

    French Press RULES!!! it’s true, I’m completely subservient to my French Press…it’s creepy.

  3. Rog Says:

    Chloe, meet Dale Cooper ( You’ll get along swimmingly.

  4. JC Says:

    Just got a siphon coffee maker. Wish I could provide a testament to the quality, but I can’t yet.
    And the only tip I can offer is adding a sprinkle of salt over the coffee grounds before brewing to reduce the bitterness and acidity and enhance the true flavor of the coffee. It’s a method I prefer considering I take my coffee black and want it to be as pure as possible.

  5. TC Says:

    I can recommend the siphon/vacuum, it makes the smoothest cup of coffee I’ve ever had. Black is the way, but I cannot lie, cold mornings I like a little honey or maple syrup in my java.

  6. stephanie Says:

    One day when I live in New York, we’re going to have a cup of cwoffee togetha, I know it! And I don’t give a shit if that sounds creepy

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