Harvey Milk

I saw Milk last night with a few close friends, in Chelsea


Sean Penn is amazing. He always has an element of himself in all of his roles, no matter how versatile they are. I spent the first 5 minutes of every Sean Penn movie, adjusting and then i let him blow my mind.

Defamer put it perfectly. Sean Penn put on his ‘Horshackian‘ voice again, for this role. ha

Its difficult to figure out how to explain the movie other than amazing cinematography and acting, since all of Gus Van Sants movies are very simplistic and allow the performances within it, stand out. 

oh and P.S. fuck James Franco. 

I hate him and hope he does because hes so charming that i drives me crazy. Hes not unbelievably hot, but he has those stupid weirdo glossy squinty eyes which he uses to summon tears in every role. 

Hes playing Allen Ginsberg in a movie coming out called Howl. 

His mother is a poet, and hes playing a gay poet. This shows that hes going to dominate the role, and I’m not going to be able to watch it because seeing him and knowing that being his friend is as unattainable as owning a farm of lampreys.

UGH! Ew! Quit trying to show me you’re nipple. I hate you.

Yeah. use that deodorant. You smell like aids.

As for Harvey Milk, himself. Before being an activist, he was a recreational photographer!

He used a 35mm Nikon Nippon Kogaku

He opens Castro Camera after taking a roll of film to a local pharmacy by his new home San Francisco, only to find that the Irish workers had ruined his photos.

The two above images were of Milks NY boyfriend, Joe Campbell. Long after these photos were taken, Campbell became part on New Yorks hustling Warholian scene, was dubbed Sugar Plum Fairy, and used in Lou Reeds song Walk on the Wild Side


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