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oh Halloween

October 31, 2009

The winners circle:

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My Daily Composition and Color Test

October 30, 2009

So Long Professor Biscuits

October 29, 2009

Ready to have your day unmade? Chuck Biscuits passed away on October 24th. Biscuits played drums for D.O.A. through their best years. Also played for a slew of other greats such as Danzing, Black Flag, and Circle Jerks.

EDIT: Kidding. dood is apparently still alive. Gave me a good reason do revisit Hardcore 81 today, though.

Pussy, Guns, and Heroin

October 28, 2009

holy fuckwit amazing

Last week, Brooklyn Vegan let me take my favorite fancy Canadian and my camera on a pleasurable yacht ride along the river. Some would say that it was a night of cocktails, dancing, and beautiful music…

Fittingly enough, Bettina and her bag of curlers took refuge along grand piano and I spent the night having my bones beaten to a pulp at the front of the ship for a majority of it.

I was stoked to have gone to CMJs best show with the most fitting story.

EyehategodPig Destroyer, and Goatwhore fill a boat to capacity during an  torrential down pour and wreak havoc along the Hudson river.

So glad to see EHG and Goatwhore play and off of the personal perfect Pig Destroyer set list, only a few were left out. coughGravedancer, Pixie, Carrion Fairy, Phantom Limbcough

There were apparently a slew of drugs and fights happening along the ride but I guess that when I wasn’t looking at Mikes face, I was oblivious.

As represented 1:20 into this video (posted by William) from the night where, like a confused lab rat, I seem to have scurried in front of a very grumpy man right before an unfortunate/entertaining event.

More photos I took from the night can be seen here.


October 28, 2009


Its Fun To Do Bad Things

October 26, 2009

Max Snow is a photographer who I like very much.

He makes a connection with his subjects that allows us to see people commonly shunned in a more personal and real light. He must be a charming fellow, to be able to do that.

Although, I don’t know why someone would want to set this windmill on fire.

Zombies Over A Sex Life. The New Campaign.

October 24, 2009

Hey you, out there!

Lacking a sex life? Does the name of the box you’ve been playing with start with the letter X? Well then the new Left 4 Dead trailer should be exciting, eh?

I don’t know how a trailer for a video game can “leak” but I’m glad it did because it gave me that after-sex glow that my pale asexual skin needed….I’m sure many other video game aficionados achieve this look the same way.

GAH! If you’re sad that the hot broad Zoey is gone, then you’re fuckin’ nuts!

Because the Spitter is a catch! Zoey may have been modeled off of some coy hot 20 something nobody, but THE SPITTER was modeled off of a brish babe with the voice on an angel.

Late. But not in the child bearing way…

October 21, 2009


Tips to Making a Perfect Cup 'o Joe

October 20, 2009

 javier jaenphoto from Javier Jaen


  • Should be fine enough to allow water to pass through coffee grounds without overflow.
  • If you’re able to access a proper coffee shop, just ask them to ground it for whatever coffee chachkaa you use. (meletia cup, drip, french press, ect)


  • Start with two level tablespoons for every 6 oz cup; adjust to your taste


  • Water should be sweet, without excessive minerals or salt. Use spring water, if you’re not sure.


  • 190 Fahrenheit
  • The water should never be brought to a boil, because it’ll burn the coffee.


  • Good coffee will stay fresh for 2 weeks if kept air tight and away from moisture condensation.
  • Those waxy paper bags with the twist tie on top, that the coffee usually comes in? yeah. those work just dandy just as long as you squeeze out all excess air. and tightly close it.

Finest Pigments

October 19, 2009

Finest Pigments
New York, NY
Hair By: Naomi Knights

Photo By: Chloe Rice

John Waters Dormitories

October 16, 2009


but I'm a cheerleaderI’ve always loved the not John Waters film But I’m a Cheerleader. Not only for introducing me to Go Sailor and my womanly love for Clea DuVall, but also because the attention paid to the set design. The director, Jamie Babbit, even said that the set and costumes were inspired by  John Waters, David LaChapelle, Edward Scissorhands and Barbie.

Creators of Nervous in the Service must have had the same thought process. When I saw the dorms they had designed for 6 student rooms at Krabbesholm College, I was instantly reminded of the make belive gay reform school that always caught my eye.

Dormitories are sad sad closets of space where budding adults already in debt take shelter. Young and with a not yet developed sense of interior style, they pack up their bedroom posters and photos of their annoying friends and carelessly use that blue tacky clay to slap them onto the wall of their first rooms outside of homes. They shove their clothes and Dells into glorified Tupperware because it seems to be the cheapest way to store things. Home aesthetics are lost and very few times regained.


These rooms are depressing. Suddenly you find the kid going to parties just to not be in that drab closet. Partying leads to drinking, which leads to sex. Next thing you know you’ve got a broke, knocked up,  20 year old alcoholic on your hands.

All this could be so easily avoided had someone steered you in the direction of an affordable design for your first ‘home’!


Designers Caroline Hansen, Mie albæk nielsen, stine osther and rikke k. larsen picked a color theme and go all out with it. Taking simple wood designs along with salvaged furniture that can be found in thrift shops, sanding them down, and painting over it with a bold color. The color scheme seems to consist of three or four very similar colors,  creating a kind of creepy yet unique room for students.

I like the hanging desk organizer, in order to be used as a shelf.

very clever.


See the process of the dorm transformations here.

Not In Kansas Anymore

October 15, 2009


The Mamas and The Zappas

October 12, 2009

the Zappas

Inevitability we end up like our parents in some way.

I see it in everyone…

Who do you think Frank Zappa takes after?

Hungarian Love

October 9, 2009

Hungarian Love 


Photo By: Chloe Rice