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Rainin’ Blood

April 27, 2010

During the past couple of gloomy days, I stayed cooped up, listened to one of my favorite metal albums (Reign in Blood by Slayer), and got crafty!

Some results of my metal induced furry are for sale on my Etsy shop, I Felt That.

Spooning in a Spoon

February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines day, stupids.

My favorite love song starts 1:40 seconds into this Ub Iwerks cartoon.

Lego Life

September 28, 2009

lego flash drive

According to Tim over at Brickshelf, turing a bland cheap flash drive into something cute and ascetically pleasing is a fairly simple project!


Once Upon an Otter

May 18, 2009

the otter is pretty dead

Once Upon an Otter 
New York, NY 


Photo By: Chloe Rice