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Let The Right Ones Out.

July 10, 2010

Us talentless, attention starved, greedy, gluttonous Americans haven’t been able to make something better than another country since WWII. So why that wet teabag of a human that directed Cloverfield thought he could spruce up the amazing Swedish film Let The Right One In, is beyond me.

Bah hum bug. As usual, someone had decided to remake a foreign movie full of great cinematography and emotional layers and flatten it into another ‘gripping thriller’. I sometimes think they do it because Americans are fairly illiterate and simply can’t be bothered with the subtitles of a foreign film. That, and the fact that many of us can’t seem to think about blood without the association of horror.

You want horror??!? Just take a gander at the Versace family. That always keeps me suckin’ my thumb for days.

As far as this remake goes, all I can hope for is a better version of robokittens.

Hurlin’ Hobbies

October 7, 2009

I recently watched the HBO documentary Thin. A film that goes along side a great book by documentarian/ photographer Lauren Greenfield. Its about a ton of girls who don’t like food, hate their families, and want to out-sad each other.

It was interesting, but *spoiler alert* none of these girls actually ‘recovered’. As a matter of fact, the one I was routin’ for died.

I guess the moral of the story is to stay true to your convictions. 

brittanyThin, starring Bert McCracken 

Despite the moment of struggle between girl and cupcake, I also enjoyed this movie a little more because I spent a large portions of my teenage years at the house of a friend who lived LITERALLY a house down from the clinic where this was filmed. Anytime I would go on a walk or a drive with a guy friend, they would take an interest to a slender, pretty girl driving by the house and it never failed to make me chuckle to watch their hopeful expressions melt, as the car veered right into the gates of the Renfrew Center.

In other news, the 2010 Zagat Guide came out today and the New York Food and Wine Festival starts tomorrow.

Warp: Not to be associated with shitty mohawks and mud fights

August 14, 2009

I love Warp! Not the tour, but the label. Well configured scat based music and thought invoking films who’s emulsion is found through its mind expanding violence.

Warp Records is having a birthday party at Terminal 5 in New York, next month!  Battles, !!!, and Prefuse 73, amongst others will be playing!

Chances are that you are semi-familiar with the films and music that Warp is involved with, but have no idea. If this isn’t the case, I’m her to expand your interest for their well thought out entertainment with bright artistic quality.

I’ve compiled a short list of films released with Warp Films, that I happen to enjoy:

yoga for those suffering of hydrocephalus, as shown in Rubber Johnny

Rubber Johnny: The controversial collaborative video using the direction of Chris Cunningham and the music of Aphex Twin. Rubber Johnny shows a wheelchair bound teenager with a hyperactive imagination, locked in a dark basement with his Chihuahua.

Stephen Graham motioning to me for a hug during the movie This Is England

This Is England:  Shane Meadows cinematically alluring story that follows a 12 year old boys introduction to the skinhead culture, and how he is torn and effected by this Jamaican rooted culture as it spans out into a White Nationalist  movement.

Blood. Also can be used if you don’t have a pen handy! Example shown in Dead Mans Shoes

Dead Mans Shoes: A violent movie by Shane Meadows, that is based around an army paratrooper who comes home seeking revenge of the group responsible for tormenting his handicapped younger brother.

could you be any more charming, Stephen Graham?!

Scummy Man: a video I love mainly because it furthers my crush for Stephen Graham and his wise ass, shitty attitude, “crush you with my fist” character along his fat cheeks and beady eyed baby face, of course. The video is alongside the Arctic Monkeys song “When the Sun Goes Down” Its the story of a young prostitute and an abusive clients (swoon) control over her, as people try to lead her into a ‘better life’. The short story begs the question “Is anyone inherently good?”

Fluorescent Adolescent: Another Arctic Monkeys music video directed by Richard Ayoade. I’m a pretty big Ayoade fan. He one point  acted on The Mighty Boosh when it was still a radio based show. The director also acts as the adorably misguided dork Maurice Moss in one of my favorite comedy shows The IT Crowd.

Anyways, The video features Stephen Graham as my beloved wise assed leader with a shitty attitude, “crush you with my fist” character along his fat cheeks and beady eyed baby face….in clown make up. The entire video is revolved around a fight between a group of clowns and a more civilian-like group. As the video progresses you see that the two leaders were at one point friends. There is something extremely amusing and slightly poetic about this videos slow motion fight sequence  in an abandoned district. You expect an obvious ending but just in music video style, something slightly more tragic happens.

They also put out that new Yeah Yeah Yeahs video.  I’m not a huge fan of, musically, but I do love the wolf in it! Probably because reminds me of Booga from Tank Girl


Thumbs Will Twist. Can You Resist?…Thumb Hang

June 12, 2009

yes! AnvilThe Story of Anvil was an amazing documentary that I recently saw.

Recently, Anvil has been touring around playing a show in some of the theaters that are showing the movie, directly after. 

I saw the show last year in the cafe’ of a theater in Brooklyn. Despite not seeing the movie or fully understanding why the history of that band was so interesting, something about the Canadian trio was intriguing enough to feel that to leave before the set had ended would be a disservice. 

I got to see them again the other week, in the pit of the theater where I saw the movie 10 minutes previous to it. The crowd was much larger and excited than they were even just last year. The band played with as much dedication as they ever have. My friend and I banged heads and summoned the gods….in the middle of the theater. It was awesome. 

The individuals that make the band Anvil really understand life to an extent that so many people born with luck, just never will. They play music with the same passion that they always have. They find inspiration off of each other. They hold down real jobs, tour Europe, an go back to their lives full of discouragement for what they love to do from everyone including their friends and family.  

So why do they keep doing it? In hopes that their day will come. That an album of theirs will be recognized for being worth something, the same way Metal on Metal was, way back when. And while they wait for this to happen, they have become content with even the smallest of success’s they encounter and use it to motivate them forward. 

AnvilBasically, they don’t take advantage of anything. They love their fans. They love their idols. They love themselves. and they understand that when you aren’t born with luck, and things don’t fall into your lap, that its ok to take baby steps to get to where you want to be. 

Anvil does have a following of fans who really want things to work out for them. Myself included. Because the musics not bad, their heart is in the right place, and the only reason they didn’t really get their full 15 minutes is because they did everything right. Never trying to fuck anyone over, through their entire career.

Damnit Jim!

May 17, 2009


Star Trek kind of stalked my childhood. So much like the way they tell you to treat strangers and hecklers, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

animatedtrekStar Trek: The animated Series, was always on the tail end of the fun cartoons that Nickelodeon used to play on the weekends so I always thought they played this boring cartoon to motivate kids to get outside and stop watching TV. If it was the test, it worked for me.

When I watched UPN, Star Trek: Voyager was always on the tail end of some programs that were being directed to ladies between the ages of 17 and 29.  

There was about a week of my life where I tried to watch Star Trek TNG with full dedication. I was young and the guy from Reading Rainbow was on it. Thats all I needed to know. But I couldn’t follow the intergaltic soap opera, shortly gave up, and figured out how to get the most use out of my Nerf guns instead. 

After seeing Star Trek in Imax, the other day, I’m pretty sure I’m ready to re watch it from the start. Mentally prepared with favoritism toward its characters and plots. It was that good.

(With the exception of the most recent Batman movie) Have you ever heard of a remake of a cult classic being remade, and NOT getting shit from its following about the inconsistencies? I needed no review to decide if this movie was worth seeing. I just had to hear my trekkie friends say it got the seal of approval. 

As if  the man needed it, but J.J. Abrams has just restarted an entire franchise! He’s gained the interest of non trekkies and reignited the flame of the die hard fans.  Not to mention, opened up an array of new roles for actors like Harlod from Harold & Kumar, the broad from the Britney Spears classic Crossroads, Simon Pegg who was pretty perfect for the role, and the son from my once favorite canceled show Huff. He’s already working on another one to come out in 2011. 

Although I have no complaints about this movie that rightfully engaged my interest with a space western appeal and just enough humor to not be considered a complete mockery, I hope the next one is even more about its moral and scientific quandaries.



Reasons why I may love Spock:

  • Hes a man of respect for the Vulcan code, but is far more liberal than the Vulcan kind, and accepts many different alien beings.
  • He has a strong moral ethic. Spock has strength in his convictions, and never stands down to what he thinks is right even when others disagree.
  • Spock is a tough geek. He dislikes killing for moral reasons, not because hes afraid or squeamish of green goo’ed bloodshed.
  • He is willing to give his live for a worthy cause.
  • Although his past is highly complex and interesting, he remains the most modest character aboard the Enterprise. 
  • Ascetically, he is a tall, thin, gelfling with styled hair and a big nose. I’ve been told that this is kind of my ‘type’
  • Although he tries his best as a Vulcan to do what is best for commanding the ship, by not showing that he is emotional distraught about the surroundings of his life, he sometimes lets it out but only in a swift transfer to rage. With this, I can relate.
  • And he admits to these as wrong and is always able to take the consequences of his actions. 


and just imagine what this is like when you take the ring finger of of this hand gesture.