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Boxed Shelf

April 1, 2009

I will never be able to explain or understand for myself why i love cubed shelving so much, but i do.
  • I can hold so many things in such a compact space? 
  • It makes a perfect room divider? 
  • It stacks boxes conveniently?
Who knows. 
I’ve gone through 4-6 different ones between my last two apartments, and have no photos that really display how amazing they are. I could kick myself. Its sad that i almost miss shelving.
In an ideal world, I would like to have the space to make them on my own out of real oak.

Heres a few photos that I’ve taken where you can kind of get the idea of how my brain wanted these shelves to be intended.

Bitches, Bridges, and Bedrooms

March 30, 2009

Helen Levitt died at the age of 95, in her Manhattan apartment.

I remember how inspired and effected I was by this photo, as a little Little.

It was so timeless and reminded me of everything that I loved about New Yorkers and adolescence. It wasn’t until much later, that I discovered the image was from 1939.

Her photos always gave me the sense of memorability, at first glance. Followed by effectiveness upon looking just a little bit further

100 years ago, today, the Queensborough Bridge was completed. Only killing 50 people, in the process!

The Queensborough Bridge is so commonly overlooked. I blame the Brooklyn Bridge, for this.

With 4 top lanes, and 5 bottom lanes, it really does an amazing job at commuting traffic into Midtown. Even in the worst of traffic, I don’t think I’ve ever been on there for over 25 minutes.

The Bowery Boys did a pretty interesting little blog about the bridge today. Enjoy the fuck out of it!

At this turning point of my life, I am reminded of the memories of this bridge in my life, as stupid as it may sound. Its just a fucking bridge.

Finishing up my true New Yorker post, I feel pretty inspired by tiny pods!

I wish i owned a little area and a big fucking drill.

Wary Meyers

February 25, 2009

Wary Meyers Decorative Arts covers many different areas of creativity. Their talents are extreamly wide ranged, as they

  • design furniture for small companys
  • kitchen supplies for Urban Outfitters
  • fancy pea-coats with many buttons
  • pet portraits
  • and they even do interior design. 

The interior design is what really caught my eye, today. Its very 70’s yet less naughty looking than a loft from that period.

There is also an element to the interiors that makes me feel like if i had the space and patience, I could affordably do it myself.

Recently, This Interior is what I am For

February 10, 2009

More poorly taken photos of this gray little apartment, can be found here.