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Shut up. The post-its are speaking.

February 25, 2009

I stumbled upon this on while passing the time at work.

The irony of this photograph is that i work in the building of which it was taken.

Art above is by Adam Ellison

Mean Reds v.s. Mellow Yellow

February 25, 2009
Above image can be found here.

This is a post about feelings. 
Stupid stupid feelings.
I’m feeling yellow. 
Not like that Donavan Song ‘Mellow Yellow”

Just feeling an emotion that can’t find placement, but whatever it is, is not a positive one. 
(Because honestly, who loves the color yellow that much?)

Yellow is one color away from being ‘red with anger’ 
and an opposite color away from having ‘the blues’

Truman Capote would call this feeling ‘the mean reds’

I’m not feeling as elegant as Capotes Breakfast at Tiffanys character, today.

And so I’m just feeling real yellow….

Wary Meyers

February 25, 2009

Wary Meyers Decorative Arts covers many different areas of creativity. Their talents are extreamly wide ranged, as they

  • design furniture for small companys
  • kitchen supplies for Urban Outfitters
  • fancy pea-coats with many buttons
  • pet portraits
  • and they even do interior design. 

The interior design is what really caught my eye, today. Its very 70’s yet less naughty looking than a loft from that period.

There is also an element to the interiors that makes me feel like if i had the space and patience, I could affordably do it myself.

Poster Art

February 25, 2009

Polish posters of Japanese movies.

A post by an American.