Better Never Than Late (62/365)

I’ve already had way too much coffee, and eaten all the chocolate out of some vegan cookie. I’ve been listening to Charles Bronson in my highly caffeinated state and now Im pretty sure I could sprint from Massachusetts back to New York, before dark.

Heres some genius Charles Bronson song titles:

  • What The Fuck Are You Going to Do When It’s Cool to Be Yourself?
  • Phil Anselmo’s Pain Burns In The Heart of My Little Brother
  • Drunk Punks Is Hippies
  • Let’s Start A Revolution So I Can Break Some Shit
  • The Great Pet Rock Comeback
  • Better Never Than Late
  • Marriage Can Suck It
  • The Painful, Yet Unavoidable, Deathstar Comparison
  • The Only Time I Think About Romance Is When I Wonder Why I Don’t Think About It
  • Fuck Technology, I’ll Keep My Pocket Change
  • Let’s Start Another War So I Sing About Stopping It
  • I Just Can’t Avoid The Void In “Avoid”
  • So What If I Puked Up McDonald’s?
  • Ralph On Ralph
  • Cous Cous On The Loose Loose
  • I Can’t Be Friends With You Because You Like Epitaph
  • They Should Legalize Drugs So You Can Hurry Up And Fucking Die


New Yorkers: Check out this website on places to get free coffee all month long!


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9 Responses to “Better Never Than Late (62/365)”

  1. :: smo :: Says:

    FREE COFFEE?!?! i’m totally down! ALSO don’t forget it’s hot chocolate month at city bakery! we really need to go at least once. because any more than that your stomach will be fucking ripped to shreds from the inside because of how retarded thick their hot chocolate is. but still…

  2. ! Says:

    the witch! #5

  3. monkeyKing Says:

    was confused till i followed the link… nice! i loves breaking shit.

  4. Sarah Fitz Says:

    You’re a Masshole? Boston or Western or (god forbid!) the Berkshires?

  5. Sarah Fitz Says:

    Ah, best try a small arts town: Amherst/Northampton/the Valley. Where I hail from.

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