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A New Travel Companion.

October 16, 2010

I love a good “whats in the bag” entry but ever since I got my little sidekick, I can’t fit much more into my bag than my wallet, Nintendo, and the sidekick. I’ve been traveling around a lot lately and on top of not being able to get internet connection 75% of my week, I also have no room in my bag for some travel essentials.

This week has been filled with amazing little shopping finds. One of them being the 5 dollar hard suitcase I found at a thrift store in New Jersey. If you couldn’t tell from this entry, I’m a bit of a collector of old suitcases. What’s not to love?!

  • They’re aesthetically pleasing
  • There is attention paid to the fabric and detail
  • They are so much nicer to look at than storage boxes
  • They have extra little compartments for things that are irrelevant in standard life nowadays
  • And there always seems to be some mystery stains on the interior of them that remind me that someone got a good use out if it before I received it

I have several hard shell cases, but this is the first on that I’ve actually bought with the intention of using it to travel with.

The divider wall does a lovely job at holding my lady things, an old cigarette case filled with on-the-go sewing supplies, and some Japanese snacks (yamagobo and shredded squid are both SO good). The little blue guy on the top is my awesome kewpie inspired baby biter toy from Paul Kaiju.

Another amazing girl purchase of the week are these shoes from one of those questionable trendy shops called Afaze. They set me back 15 bucks, and are the most comfortable heels I own.

This detachable pouch is my favorite compartment of the little travel companion. It fits all the computer cords and charges I seem to use everyday, perfectly!

The inside of this pouch even held a little key!

Now I don’t have to worry about someone stealing my fifteen dollar shoes, thank god.

I think this is the first time in my life I have been super excited about things like shoes and shopping. Sorry about that…….listen to my favorite Metallica song.


Uuuullll Uuuullll (56/365)

January 26, 2010

This makeshift barrier was made to keep Charlie away from the side of the house that was covered in floor cleaner. Although she proved that she was more than able to hurdle over my row of suitcases and lighting trunks (toy poodles were originally bred to be side show and circus pets, after all) she gratiously listened to my command and stayed put with just  little bit of “uuuulll uuuullll” noises.

The Cable Box

July 1, 2009

The Cable Box
I have the ability to lose just about anything.

  • Keys
  • Personal laptops
  • Metrocards
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Full plates of food

If I can hold it, there’s just a matter of time before I loose it.

I imagine it has to do with my short attenti-

I’ve recently come to find that the best way to prevent myself from loosing or destroying things, it to put them in some sort of casing.

Now that I’ve figured out the art of getting those little headphones in my ear, I’ve also figured out a pretty nifty way to keep them visible and tidy.

oh headphone caseJust tucking them into an old cassette case!

organization OCDThen I took it a step towards O.C.D. and put all of my tiny cords and loose batteries into cases before tucking them away in the travel case that I found for 5 bucks at a street fair.

Contained Clutter

All photos taken by Chloe Rice

I contributed a section of this to Mikeys newly started blog.