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Damnit Jim!

May 17, 2009


Star Trek kind of stalked my childhood. So much like the way they tell you to treat strangers and hecklers, I didn’t pay much attention to it.

animatedtrekStar Trek: The animated Series, was always on the tail end of the fun cartoons that Nickelodeon used to play on the weekends so I always thought they played this boring cartoon to motivate kids to get outside and stop watching TV. If it was the test, it worked for me.

When I watched UPN, Star Trek: Voyager was always on the tail end of some programs that were being directed to ladies between the ages of 17 and 29.  

There was about a week of my life where I tried to watch Star Trek TNG with full dedication. I was young and the guy from Reading Rainbow was on it. Thats all I needed to know. But I couldn’t follow the intergaltic soap opera, shortly gave up, and figured out how to get the most use out of my Nerf guns instead. 

After seeing Star Trek in Imax, the other day, I’m pretty sure I’m ready to re watch it from the start. Mentally prepared with favoritism toward its characters and plots. It was that good.

(With the exception of the most recent Batman movie) Have you ever heard of a remake of a cult classic being remade, and NOT getting shit from its following about the inconsistencies? I needed no review to decide if this movie was worth seeing. I just had to hear my trekkie friends say it got the seal of approval. 

As if  the man needed it, but J.J. Abrams has just restarted an entire franchise! He’s gained the interest of non trekkies and reignited the flame of the die hard fans.  Not to mention, opened up an array of new roles for actors like Harlod from Harold & Kumar, the broad from the Britney Spears classic Crossroads, Simon Pegg who was pretty perfect for the role, and the son from my once favorite canceled show Huff. He’s already working on another one to come out in 2011. 

Although I have no complaints about this movie that rightfully engaged my interest with a space western appeal and just enough humor to not be considered a complete mockery, I hope the next one is even more about its moral and scientific quandaries.



Reasons why I may love Spock:

  • Hes a man of respect for the Vulcan code, but is far more liberal than the Vulcan kind, and accepts many different alien beings.
  • He has a strong moral ethic. Spock has strength in his convictions, and never stands down to what he thinks is right even when others disagree.
  • Spock is a tough geek. He dislikes killing for moral reasons, not because hes afraid or squeamish of green goo’ed bloodshed.
  • He is willing to give his live for a worthy cause.
  • Although his past is highly complex and interesting, he remains the most modest character aboard the Enterprise. 
  • Ascetically, he is a tall, thin, gelfling with styled hair and a big nose. I’ve been told that this is kind of my ‘type’
  • Although he tries his best as a Vulcan to do what is best for commanding the ship, by not showing that he is emotional distraught about the surroundings of his life, he sometimes lets it out but only in a swift transfer to rage. With this, I can relate.
  • And he admits to these as wrong and is always able to take the consequences of his actions. 


and just imagine what this is like when you take the ring finger of of this hand gesture.