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Let The Right Ones Out.

July 10, 2010

Us talentless, attention starved, greedy, gluttonousĀ Americans haven’t been able to make something better than another country since WWII. So why that wet teabag of a human that directed Cloverfield thought he could spruce up the amazing Swedish film Let The Right One In, is beyond me.

Bah hum bug. As usual, someone had decided to remake a foreign movie full of great cinematography and emotional layers and flatten it into another ‘gripping thriller’. I sometimes think they do it because Americans are fairly illiterate and simply can’t be bothered with the subtitles of a foreign film. That, and the fact that many of us can’t seem to think about blood without the association of horror.

You want horror??!? Just take a gander at the Versace family. That always keeps me suckin’ my thumb for days.

As far as this remake goes, all I can hope for is a better version of robokittens.