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a 360 (55/365)

January 25, 2010

I’ve though about putting some type of explanation along side the photos of my “365 project”. All I can say about this one was that sitting on a certain stoop enjoying the rain on my face recalling where I was this time last year. A 360 I have made, indeed.

Her To-Do List (49/365)

January 19, 2010

Studio Cities

November 28, 2009

All photos by Chloe Rice

Black Eyes and Black Coffee.

October 1, 2009

Saturday night I left work early to run home for my camera and shoot Rorschach downtown. It was an amazing show that I got to be a part of.

Then I went straight from there to a DIY venue in Brooklyn to shoot These Arms Are Snakes. The fan base was such a stark contrast but  the show was just as crazy in a completely different way that I still can’t pin point.

Rorschach, Ted Leo, and Celebrity Murders, New York, NY. Photos by Chloe Rice

I came home and drank 4 cups of black coffee while editing. Around 7am I looked in the mirror for the first time to notice not only the bags UNDER my eye, but also the one on it.

Black eyes and black coffee are indications of a night well spent.

blackeye A reminder of my weekend and cheap alternative to eyeshadow.

The photos from that night are posted on

These Arms Are Snakes, Brooklyn, NY. Photos by Chloe Rice

See the articles and more photohere and here

The International Playgirl

August 19, 2009


International Playgirl
New York, NY

Model: Gala Darling

Photo By: Chloe Rice

Typing With My Lobster Claws

August 3, 2009

oh ouch

As result of poorly applied sun block before venturing out on a photo project in South Florida, I have spent 3 days and a total of 16 ounces worth of vitamin E oil, nursing a brutal sunburn. It sucks. It fucking sucks. It feels like I let Sho Nuff give me a back massage.

Last Dragon

All I’d like to do is sit around my loft, dousing myself in aloe, listening to Wire, drinking coffee, and recollect the things about my home that I love, before I leave again.

my apartmet

Like the view of my living room from my open bedroom door and my color coordinated shelves of belongings.

messy room

Instead it will be spent doing the pile of laundry that has been collecting dust over this past month and unpacking my suitcase, to instantly repack it for my 7am flight.

The pay off of these chores will be

  • a bar of dark chocolate, from Zabars
  • seeing my artist friend and his new line of designer chain-saws
  • responding to hand typed letters through emails using this font for the same effect
  • watching Dead Alive and passing out before sunset

Photos by Chloe Rice

The Marshmallows Are Invading

June 29, 2009

IMG_5035photo by Chloe Rice

The other day the girlfriend and I backed out on our Hoop Sculpting class, last minute. (Yeah thats right. Working out with a hula hoop. What of it…)

In a haze of shame and pizza guts, I decided that it was a nice day and I was going to take that extra time to walk to my next errand running destination, 4 miles away. About 3/4 of the way there I got distracted by an awesome pair of shit kicking boots in a window and went in to try them on. When I looked outside, it was pooooooooourrrrrrring rain. With minutes moving faster, I decided I had no time for this water to stop falling. 

I wrapped my camera, phone, and other robots into the towel that was intended for an intense hoola hooping class, carefully packed it into my bag, and left the nest of umbrella bearing people. 

The rain was freezing and heavy. After the initial shock  (and unintentional shriek) that came with being cold and completely drenched, came the feeling of joy and liberation. For about 20 blocks I was the only pedestrian on Madison Avenue. The only person who wasn’t letting the atmosphere take a chunk of my day. With my blonde hair clinging to my cheeks and the pleats from my skirt dripping rain directly into my boots, I stomped every puddle I passed. I smiled at the old woman who yelled from the cupcake shop that I was going to catch a horrible cold. I laughed at how ridiculous and child-like the entire experience was.

The Rain StormA photo Tyler took of a girl venturing through the said rainstorm, like me!

I had a dry set of clothes to change right into when I got to where I needed to be. And of course the rain stopped right when I got there, but I’m glad I walked through it. It reminded me that you can’t stop the weather but you can let it stop you. But why? Half the time, you’re on your way home anyways, no?

The storm was so intense and so sudden. And it left one of the most amazing, dooms day worthy skies I’ve seen in this city. 

It was so notably crazy that I’ve compiled a set of photos people took of the same sky and posted on their Flickr accounts:

post rain stormI took this photo shortly after. There was no photoshop involved.

tylers stormphoto source 

flickphoto source

Janesphoto source

barrysphoto source

jasonsphoto source

phophoto source


May 10, 2009

alisonI just looked at the bad parenting in my last post, and felt the need to counteract it.

Photographer Jack Radcliffe started documenting his daughter Alison since day one. His photos of her start out very isolated and become more about documenting her surrounding, as she grows. You don’t have to know Alison to get a feel for what her life is like, and to know that she has a father who obviously loves her unconditionally.

I can’t wait till Ryan does this with LB and his other podling to be!

Vintage Tits for Tuesday!

April 28, 2009


If you think this open mouthed broad with a cock in her hand is hot, you’re in for a treat.