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“I myself have always stood in the awe of the camera. I recognize it for the instrument it is, part Stradivarius, part scalpel.”

October 7, 2009

Deep Sea Diver

Irving Penn died at the age of 92, today.

I’ve alwas been drawn to and inspired by his portraits.  I seek out old face with wrinkles so deep that the cast shadows, because I imagine how it would look in an Irving Penn styled black and white shot.

Penn has shot tribesmen, models, hippies, extremely influential artists alike. He has found a way to highlight the features that make that an individual not only unique, but beautiful while not adjusting a thing about them. He literally knew better than anyone, how to put them in the right light.

Below are some of my favorite Irving Penn shots.


Row 1: Banett Newman, Yves Saint Laurent, Miles Davis, Phillip Roth

Row 2: Vogue shot, Alberto Giacometti, James Van Der Zee, Man from Newguinea

Row 3: Truman Capote, S.J. Perelman, Pablo Picasso, Richard Avedon

Lighting Battles

August 10, 2009

United Visual Artists is a British based company that base their services around using lights as an art form. Their work ranges all over. Art installations, tour lighting, lighting for music videos, and just about anything else. I was extremely impressed with the creativity put in on every ones part to create the 2007 music video for Tonto by Battles. UVAs first live action music video.


UVA set up multiple sticks of LED lights in a grid around Battles, who played for 11 hours in damp slate mine of North Wales. Shot in complete darkness (with clips of the surrounding area weaved through it) the beat of the song makes the light react. As a result, the band becomes lit momentarily, then more so as both the song and its arrangements become more complex. The song is great, and the video perfectly compliments the bands more “jam sesh” based musical style .


The entire process was documented through photos, and were used for the special release of the single. The photos came out amazing. Feels like they were shot with film.


More behind the scene shots can be seen here

As The Rotor Turns

August 6, 2009

Sikorsky 1

Sikorsky 2

Sikorsky 3

In 1949, Photographer Andreas Feininger used multiple exposure along with lights on the blades of the Sikorsky helicopter, to capture the spinning pattern made during its landing.

And so ends this entry of:


Tres’ Passing

July 31, 2009


The Vector Snob does not consider himself a photographer. His career of choice is based around graphic design. Something he mastered long before his peers, and spent perfectly good keg stand frat house collage years, smoking Luckies and listening to Kraftwerk while creating fancy bullshit for major companies. Orange juice you see falling out of a spout on a Tropicana commercial? You can probably thank the Snob and his mega computer for it.


I used to go out on photo hunts with the Snob. He took me through Seattles underbelly and rotting guts. He showed me how to navigate through deserted factories, what to do when security is on to you, the quickest way to hop fences, and the importance of using layers in Photoshop. Just when I though I took some amazing photo, he would show me his and make me want to quit…


He could make any person or broken place look as unique and beautifully mysterious as he is, in a photo. Now more than ever he seems to get distracted by nature more than buildings. He talks to trees more than people. But his feet still smell more like death than pachouli, and the 1960s science book styled photos that come from this modest photographer still make me want to test the limits of what can be done with a sad looking situation along with some creativity.

All images belong to Vector Snob

My Mom Was Right.

July 22, 2009

LA Times Building circa 1910

Photo of the Los Angeles Times Building after being bombed in 1910.

A lot of things happened durring the year 1910:

Prokudin imageand this photograph was taken.

Sergey Prokudin Gorsky, a Russian genius, began experimenting with RGB images and created photographs that are some of the most visualy crisp and real photographs that I have seen to date.

His process used a camera that took a series of three monochrome pictures in sequence, each through a different coloured filter. By projecting all three monochrome pictures using correctly-coloured light, it was possible to reconstruct the original colour scene. Any stray movement within the camera’s field of view showed up in the prints as multiple “ghosted” images, since the red, green and blue images were taken of the subject at slightly different times.”

self Here is a self portrait of Gorsky taken in 1915

And so ends this weeks series of “My mom was right. I probably won’t achieve anything with my life.”

Detroit Rubble City

July 15, 2009

100 abandoned homesThe other night, a friend from Michigan was telling me about her attempts to buy a house around Detroit since they’re selling them for around $300 to $500. The catch is that you would have to pay for the property taxes on it, which many people can’t really afford right now. Detroit seems to be a lost cause of a once booming city.  Its like the Britney Spears of properties.

non homes

Kevin Bauman started taking black and white photos of abandoned homes around the Detroit area with his Hasselblad camera in the 90’s, to document the places before they got knocked down and made into condos and updated urban structures. Unfortunately, most of the homes that Bauman documented over 10 years ago, are still rotting on their plots.

This time around he decided to re-document them in color, build a site for his photo project, and sell inkjet prints of each for $35 (giving 30% to the organization Habitat for Humanity). Not a single person in Detroit bought one because it is so common see them in their everyday life, that there was no beauty nor shock value to it.

I started clicking along these photos expecting to be bored 4 photos into it. I was cynical and wrong. Kevin Bauman did such an amazing job with compostion and targeting where to saturate/desaturate each image, that I was hooked looking at 103 dilapidated structures.

homesall photos from

The Marshmallows Are Invading

June 29, 2009

IMG_5035photo by Chloe Rice

The other day the girlfriend and I backed out on our Hoop Sculpting class, last minute. (Yeah thats right. Working out with a hula hoop. What of it…)

In a haze of shame and pizza guts, I decided that it was a nice day and I was going to take that extra time to walk to my next errand running destination, 4 miles away. About 3/4 of the way there I got distracted by an awesome pair of shit kicking boots in a window and went in to try them on. When I looked outside, it was pooooooooourrrrrrring rain. With minutes moving faster, I decided I had no time for this water to stop falling. 

I wrapped my camera, phone, and other robots into the towel that was intended for an intense hoola hooping class, carefully packed it into my bag, and left the nest of umbrella bearing people. 

The rain was freezing and heavy. After the initial shock  (and unintentional shriek) that came with being cold and completely drenched, came the feeling of joy and liberation. For about 20 blocks I was the only pedestrian on Madison Avenue. The only person who wasn’t letting the atmosphere take a chunk of my day. With my blonde hair clinging to my cheeks and the pleats from my skirt dripping rain directly into my boots, I stomped every puddle I passed. I smiled at the old woman who yelled from the cupcake shop that I was going to catch a horrible cold. I laughed at how ridiculous and child-like the entire experience was.

The Rain StormA photo Tyler took of a girl venturing through the said rainstorm, like me!

I had a dry set of clothes to change right into when I got to where I needed to be. And of course the rain stopped right when I got there, but I’m glad I walked through it. It reminded me that you can’t stop the weather but you can let it stop you. But why? Half the time, you’re on your way home anyways, no?

The storm was so intense and so sudden. And it left one of the most amazing, dooms day worthy skies I’ve seen in this city. 

It was so notably crazy that I’ve compiled a set of photos people took of the same sky and posted on their Flickr accounts:

post rain stormI took this photo shortly after. There was no photoshop involved.

tylers stormphoto source 

flickphoto source

Janesphoto source

barrysphoto source

jasonsphoto source

phophoto source

tits for tuesday

June 23, 2009

tamaSuigyo No Majiwari


Days With My Father

May 5, 2009


I’ve been feeling really inspired by Phillip Toledano, recently.

Born in London, living in New York, Toledano says

“I believe a photo should be like an unfinished sentence. Their should be space  for questions”

I’ve gone through some of his photo essays to find that he always has the perfect amount of words that accompany an astonishing photograph, and knows when words are just not necessary. He dedicates himself to assignments that are typically wondered about, but overlooked by a main element.

His essays only make you look as deep as you want to. In their most minimal form, the convey emotion. Humor, joy, embarrassment, slight discomfort, and  sadness.

The most beautiful photographic time capsule I’ve seen produced in a while is BY FAR the personal documentation that the photographer has of his father in the years following the sudden death of his mother. Full of minimalism, fitting web design, and short summaries, Days With My Father is both inspiring and at times heart wrenching.

It documents so much more than an old man in his lonely home. It shows life as a dying breed. A way of living that is barely left in existence. Its a man who truly loved his wife and continually found a creative spark to keep on living. A real optimist.

Not all people grow old and miserable. With age, comes wisdom. Its your decision if you want to let the wisdom corrupt your spirt, or let it push you to work harder.

notetoselfIf you happen to have about 10 minutes and a box of tissues, I highly recommend looking over Days With My Father.


p.s. Its Tits for Tuesday! Beyond a sad and unexplainable loss of sex drive that motivates me to skim through photos of boobs all week, I don’t feel like letting this post get skipped through for boobs. So this photo from the above mentioned photographer will have to do.