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Get Dark

May 30, 2009


Growing up, by mother was always against painting any walls, any color. So when I moved into a place where I was given a 6 room redecorating challenge, I went crazy with painting and wallpapering. I loved every room in that house. I used all of the colors that inspired me. The problem with it was that since I wasn’t bored of seeing the same rooms when I left, I couldn’t seem to utilize the same colors in my new apartment without associating it with the previous apartment. 

So I decided I needed something new and bold. Almost everything I own is white. I feel like too  much white against a white wall can look empty and cold unless it is a cluster of off white antiques chachkas.

So I went completely opposite.  

Telling my family that I’ve painted a wall in my bedroom black, is like telling them that I’ve quit everything to follow in the footsteps of Michael Campbell.

I’ll admit that when I put the first coat down I panicked slightly, but then remembered how nice it can look, if its done properly. 

I have nothing to show for my black room yet, except for a happy face.