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Circus Family Robinson

January 4, 2010

Did you have a motto for 2009? Now that I’m starting fresh, I realize that I did.

2009: Well, That Sucked.

Luckily I began this year in a place that I had never been before and always wanted to go. New Orleans. After a ten minute walk down Bourbon Street, I had had my fill of rednecks walking with their barrels of brightly colored sugar excessed alcohol. Its like Time Square of the south. Horrible.

I was invited to a place called the NOLA Art House. Its a home for young Southern based mixed media artist and ex circus performers who have created an entire Swiss Family Robinson zone in their backyard. I guess they throw parties on occasion. Calling in hundreds of drunk kids to climb the narrow and slippery steps toward the top of their wood based duplex (after signing a waiver, of course) The tree house is made up of chair frames, crate platforms, play pen tubing, and trapeze nets.

Everyone was given their own bottle of champagne, along with a balloon and Sharpie to write their resolution on and let go of at midnight. Quite picturesque. A cute idea for the next Hillary Duff movie, I guess.

Living in New York, its easy to forget that people are just happy to smile and compliment, and get to know your name. It was a nice change of pace. A good place to visit, but I kind of miss getting flicked off on a subway already.

All photos by Chloe Rice