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Making Mochi

July 8, 2009

My Mochi

Mochi photo by Chloe Rice

Mochi is one of my favorite treats. What’s not to love? It enables you to eat ice cream with your hands.

While looking for more info on this amazing Japanese treat that I recently discovered, called Chocolate Monaka, I also found this photo by photo recipe on how to make your own mochi!

This is defiantly going to be my next cooking challenge. Perfect for the summer.

My main concern with it was the thought of finding ‘sweet rice powder’. I could just imagine going into Sunrise Mart and staring blankly at things that could be this rice flour, with uncertainty.

So take note when gazing at a rack full of blunt or foreign named flours for this recipe, that sweet rice powder may also be called glutinous rice or mochiko, in Japanese.