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Man Boobs

July 7, 2009


Man Boobs
Brooklyn, NY

Model: Mikey

Photo By: Chloe Rice

Tee shirt tits! I know its a copout, but I’m on vacation. 

  • revving old cars and driving down the freeway while listening to Milt Jackson
  • eating Baja style burritos at midnight
  • swimming 20 laps in the pool first thing in the morning
  • sewing in the blazing sun
  • reading Invisible Man in bed for hours
  • inspiring to invent pie recipes of my own and call them crazy names like “The Indepenece For Happy Singles” pie (involves a lot of rich and decadent chocolate and summer bloomed fresh berries and vanilla custard.
  • puppies resting on my lap and protecting me from the sound of a cell phone
  • not using my computer. Sorry, boobs.


The Cable Box

July 1, 2009

The Cable Box
I have the ability to lose just about anything.

  • Keys
  • Personal laptops
  • Metrocards
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Full plates of food

If I can hold it, there’s just a matter of time before I loose it.

I imagine it has to do with my short attenti-

I’ve recently come to find that the best way to prevent myself from loosing or destroying things, it to put them in some sort of casing.

Now that I’ve figured out the art of getting those little headphones in my ear, I’ve also figured out a pretty nifty way to keep them visible and tidy.

oh headphone caseJust tucking them into an old cassette case!

organization OCDThen I took it a step towards O.C.D. and put all of my tiny cords and loose batteries into cases before tucking them away in the travel case that I found for 5 bucks at a street fair.

Contained Clutter

All photos taken by Chloe Rice

I contributed a section of this to Mikeys newly started blog.