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Bleeding in the Summer

August 2, 2010

I spent this past weekend with an amazing group of friends at the Element Skate Camp in Sequoina National Park. Being from a city where building are always offering a good amount of shade, I’ve never really had to deal with light bleeding into my shots. For the first time, there was no way around it. At first, I was a bit concerned that some of my photos were ruined by it, but I’m pretty sure those exact shots turned out to be some of my favorite ones I’ve ever taken.

I’m really excited to edit through and post some more of these shots, this week.

Lighting Battles

August 10, 2009

United Visual Artists is a British based company that base their services around using lights as an art form. Their work ranges all over. Art installations, tour lighting, lighting for music videos, and just about anything else. I was extremely impressed with the creativity put in on every ones part to create the 2007 music video for Tonto by Battles. UVAs first live action music video.


UVA set up multiple sticks of LED lights in a grid around Battles, who played for 11 hours in damp slate mine of North Wales. Shot in complete darkness (with clips of the surrounding area weaved through it) the beat of the song makes the light react. As a result, the band becomes lit momentarily, then more so as both the song and its arrangements become more complex. The song is great, and the video perfectly compliments the bands more “jam sesh” based musical style .


The entire process was documented through photos, and were used for the special release of the single. The photos came out amazing. Feels like they were shot with film.


More behind the scene shots can be seen here

Food Porn

June 17, 2009

Don’t be fooled by its cuteness. This food tastes like robots and My Little Ponies…Not like I’ve eaten a pony…toy…but…uh…hm…

mmm whippyMixko

pancakesyum! Plastic!