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Summer Through Photos

July 5, 2009

National holiday celebration was a success!

  • I ate meat
  • made smores
  • saw fireworks make the skyline of New York look amazing
  • (the fireworks are still going at 2am)
  • ran up and down the street like a child
  • went on my roof
  • hula hooped 
  • sewed 
  • mini golfed
  • watched a season of Welcome Back Kotter
  • found ice cream
  • packed 

Smo Hop

Naomi Jobs




Hot Days

mini golf
Post works

You Want a Revolution. I Want Grilled Meat.

July 4, 2009

Happy independence day! In pure American style today we get wasted, eat bad foods, and blow shit up. 

America, fuck yea!


photo by Chloe Rice