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One Photo From 1.1.11.

January 2, 2011

Despite the fact that I most defiantly have flu monsters crawling around in my system, I think its off to a good start.

Thank heaven for two thousand and eleven.

Toe Head

September 22, 2010

Last week, I decided to ditch my dark hair. I tried it. I didn’t like it.

So I went to Ms. Bee Jellyfish, who stripped me down and kindly coated my head in leave in conditioners. Shortly after, I played catch up with Massimo at Bumble & Bumble and as usual, let him do whatever the fuck he wanted to my hair.

As a result, I am now one happy derogatory stereotype.

Heres a little fact that you may or may not be aware of. Blondes are forever given a bad rep thanks to a nude French model/ mistress from the late 1700’s named Rosalie Duthe’. She was known to pause for long amounts for time before speaking and was made fun of throughout the town. The upper class went as far as to make up songs about her being a dumb whore. I know what you’re thinking. The French hating someone because they think they’re in some way more superior? LUDICROUS!

A presumed portrait of Duthe’ by Claude-Jean-Baptiste Hoin

I’m ¬†aware that I may not the brightest yellow in the spectrum. I have my bimbo qualities, unfortunately.

I’ve been known to lock myself out of my apartment while in my underwear. I can recite diolauge from Dude Where’s My Car with more ease than that balcony scene sonnet from Romeo and Juliet. And my grammar is obviously atrocious! But…as a blonde, I solemnly swear to:

  • Never neglect my roots
  • Restrain myself from ever twiddling my hair with my index finger, while popping my gum
  • and to proudly carry the torch of many blondes before me by making sure to have more fun

The first fun thing I did as a blonde, was put together a mix and played it at an obnoxiously loud volume while I cut up some otter patches and cook myself a fancy dinner.

Want to make a trade? I will trade you my fun mix for some input on what you do for fun.

download my Toe Head Mix: here

Drunken Riot (15/365)

December 10, 2009