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Lavender Lemon Cookie Sandwiches

January 3, 2011

My sacred book of lists and scribbles (also known as my journal)

A new year means a couple of new goals (not resolutions). Here’s a few from the list, that I plucked from my journal:

  • have at least 250 “highlight of the day’s” written by the years end
  • send out more postcards
  • draw more often
  • get a photo of mine put into a gallery show
  • have a weekly reason to update my blog
  • do a cartwheel in a different country
  • try recipes with ingredients I’ve never used
  • learn two new trades
  • find an excuse to wear fake eyelashes, weekly
  • order something on a menu with ingredients that I can’t pronounce
  • learn to write with my left hand
  • learn a magic trick thats more impressive than “I’ve got your nose”
  • teach my dog a new trick

This morning, sick as a serial killer, I made cookie sandwiches. I used lavender as an ingredient, for the first time ever.

This just knocked three things off of my list of goals!

my lemon lavender cookie sandwiches!

My friend Bea, had a grand plan to create something called Make Monday. I loved it! It got me excited to look at her blog every Monday. Even though she hasn’t updated since May, I still go back hoping that she’ll pick it up again. Until then, I’m taking this idea from her.

So, every Monday, plan on me making something. Perhaps a craft, a meal, or if I can’t get it together, you may end up seeing a video of me making my bed.

Heres my recipe and a photo tutorial on how to make lemon lavender cookie sandwiches. (note: you’ll see I just started playing around with my new Wacom tablet, and went a little crazy)


Forcing Joins?

December 30, 2009

This site needs a damn overhaul. The internet has given me a minimal attention span and a need for fast results without ever having to use my keyboard.

Examples of where I’ve drifted to recently:

Polyvore: Like window shopping with control. The result of the things I throw together on there seem to be the only reminders that I still have girlish desires. Like overpriced nail polish, Red Stripe, and heels

Tumblr: This site gives you fair warning of what you’re getting yourself into. Even the NAME of the website it some word that drifts off into a mumble and a drool. I got into posting on it once I realized you can upload music.

Dinosaur Circus: Last month, I felt inspired to try posting a photo I took every day for a year. Like finding out about the existence of narwals, its unrealistic and exciting all at once

DIY: If a blog could be associated with vomit, it would be through my d.i.y. guide, so far. The content is there, it seems to be floating in a sea of half formed goals.

I’m too all over the place. My main goal from here on out is to stick to something I start. And since I started this first, I’m sticking to it.

Yep. I’d say my plan for 2010 is coming together pretty nicely.

High five, kids!