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Ying Yang (80/365)

February 19, 2010

a self portrait from today

I recently took a look back at old journals and sketch books from when I was 15 and these seem to be the things that have never changed and that hopefully never will:

  1. My favorite food is tako. Japanese for octopus.
  2. My favorite action is peeling things. Anything from oranges to glue off my hands.
  3. My favorite smell is a tie between Windex, sulfur, and  Gardenias (which has been bottled up and sold as a spray).
  4. My favorite color is white. It makes me think of a blank canvas or a clean room.
  5. The best album ever is the Shape of Punk to Come by Refused. Its not even my opinion. Its just a fact.

What are your favorites? Perhaps you’ll change my mind…

  1. Food:
  2. Action:
  3. Smell:
  4. Color:
  5. Album:

A “Raygun Gothic” Robot

August 20, 2009

I’m a girl who is filled with useless facts and a bad Internet connection.

Hence the reason why I’m letting you know this small piece of knowledge.


The first robotic film star was Maria from Fritz Langs 1927 film Metropolis.

She was a silent film fox.

An exotic dancing robo fox with a nice rack, at that.