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Couture Rats (57/365)

January 27, 2010

I walked out of my room, last night to see that we now own a chinchilla!

To be honest, I thought these things were gonna be a lot like a guinea pig, but it is actually, despite its unbelievably soft fur, it is more of a rat. So now I live with 2 humans, a snake, a pup, and a couture rat! How our house still smells like windex and lavender, is beyond me.

Heres something I didn’t know about Chinchillas:

  • They have no sweat glands, so they don’t do well in heat.
  • They can’t get wet. Not because they’ll reproduce like some adorable mogwai or something, but because they cant clean it off of them, so it can turn into mold rot the chinchilla.

My favorite part of this chinchilla expreience? Getting to say the word all the time.