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December 17, 2010

This has been the most stressful wrap up of a year that I’ve ever had to deal with but something about the overall frosted tone of the recent days since that weak haze of snow that we had on Tuesday, is both too calming (and slightly depressing) to let me start the panic. Heres the overall tone of yesterday.


April 22, 2010

A while back, I promised to transport a pile of treats to a friend for his birthday. Now, if I were meeting up with someone for a cup of tea or a visit to grandmas I would bring something like biscuits or scones. But for a celebration you need icing!!! Unfortunately, getting anything frosted from point A to point B in mint condition is nearly impossible unless I plan on lugging some oddly shaped piece of Tupperware back home….a chore I am not fond of.

So I went on a hunt for a tasty transportable treat and stumbled upon this recipe for homemade Oreos! I’m not a huge fan of Oreos, but these cookies have changed my mind. They were so fun, quick, and easy to make that I want to bake them all of the time.


Rain Soaked Joy

June 24, 2009

oh clustersI have nothing to complain about. Although I wish this NY summer had less rain to it, I do like the sound it makes on my windows. Although I don’t have a photo job coming up, it does give me a chance to work on my personal projects. Blah, blah, vomit, blah, more glass-half-full bullshit….. Heres some other things I like, lately: