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Robot Maintenance 101

February 10, 2010


I found a use for Tumblr other than clicking through endless images until I drool onto my computer.

Sweet Mac Tips feeds me new info about my Mac, everyday. Today  it inspired me to clean up and refresh my laptop, which I have neglected for a while.

Tumblr has now provided me with a motive to clean up the drool it has cause me to create!

Heres some tips on how to keep your mac happy:

  • Reboot – You may not think so, but rebooting can solve times when your machine is just a bit “off.” Perhaps something isn’t working the way it should be. Try a reboot first. Portables in particular are prone to long stretches without a reboot. I frequently go weeks without a reboot just because Mac OS X is that stable. But sometimes you’ll need one.
  • Software Updates – Apple regularly releases software updates to apply to your system. If you’ve ever seen a blue globe with circular arrows bouncing away in your Dock, you’ve got updates waiting to be installed. Software updates quash bugs and glitches that may be present in the current release of the OS as well as patch security holes, making your Mac safer.
  • Repair Disk Permissions – Making sure your permissions are correct will ensure that you can read and write the correct files on your hard drive. Repairing permissions is easy. Go to your hard drive and then the Applications folder and then Utilities. Open up Disk Utility. On the left side, pick your hard disk and then on the right side in the First Aid tab click Repair Disk Permissions and let it run.
  • Verify and Repair your disk – Go into Disk Utility like in #3 and instead of clicking Repair Disk Permissions, click Verify Disk. This will check the directory (the thing on your hard drive that keeps track of where your files physically are located) structure and make sure it’s ok. If any items are flagged, click Repair Disk after the verification is complete. Disk Utility can repair basic issues with your drive’s directory.
  • Defrag your drive – use a utility like iDefrag or the more comprehensive Tech Tool Pro to defragment your hard drive. Over time, when you add and delete files, new files get their parts spread out over your disk. This slows down your Mac because the disk needs to work harder at reading and writing your data. Defragging re-assembles your files so that they’re all together and happy again. Defragging can make your Mac feel new again.
  • Keep your Mac clean – Use cleaning towelettes that are specifically made for LCD screens to clean off your screen and the body of your Mac. Especially if you have a portable Mac, clean off the screen and keyboard frequently. Natural oils that your body produces linger on the keys and depending on how your Mac is situated can transfer to the screen. If you have what appear to be “key impressions” on your screen, this is what’s actually on your screen. Having those oils on your screen for a short period of time is ok, but over longer periods the oils can actually eat away at the protective top coat on the screen. The newest “unibody” MacBooks and MacBook Pros are less susceptible to this due to their glass screen, but still, keep it (and the rest of your Mac) clean for a longer lasting great looking computer.

I’m not gonna lie. I used Windex to clean my laptop. Shameful, but did the job.

Now I need to get her a fancy new dress. I have my eye on these two….I loooove them!:

Designed by Rainer Spehl

Designed by Palmer & Son

Biscuit Holder

November 3, 2009

biscuts As an American, I’ve found the best way to instantly turn my “cookies” into “biscuits” with the help of a tea box!

Handy idea brought to you by Post Punk Kitchen.