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Friends Move Forward

October 26, 2010

Bea & Guav (2007)

Usually upon meeting your friends significant others, you realize that you’re about to start seeing a lot less of them. That was pretty much the case with my old friend Guav after he got married to Bea! Bea and I seemed to have so much in common that I found myself going out to New Jersey just to eat junk food, go to thrift stores, and be inspired by her creativity all while Guav was at work. Although I don’t see her as often as I wish I could, shes become a really important friend to me.

Guav and Bea have helped me though rough times and have been around for some really great times. And now that they have a son, Brixton, they’re making that move that any finically responsible couple with a kid makes. They’re moving away from the city.

As sad as I am about it, I’m happy for them to move someplace that is more family oriented.

It was nice to spend the last few days that they were in town with them and taking photos of New Jersey, since I can’t see myself having any reason to go out there, anymore.

Don’t cry, little buddy! I’ll see you soon!
All photos taken by Chloe Rice