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Why balloons say “boo” to me.

October 27, 2010

Cheer up, Lurch. Halloween is so soon!

Thatll do, I guess.

Halloween is pretty soon. I’ve recently heard a lot of people say how much they hate the ‘holiday’ but what kind of American hates a day that is only celebrated here and revolves around horror and candy?! Well, sooo0oorry if I’m entertained by peoples interpretation of ‘spooky’ and drunken girls in sexy costumes vomiting on the street. If the day revolved around things that I am legitimately petrified of, I may not like it so much.

So for me, a bad Halloween would consist of a mere two things.

1) The L train coming to a halt between Brooklyn and Manhattan. Call me crazy, but theres something extremely unsettling about  being inclosed in a cart, in a tube, underneath the East River fo any longer than I absolutely have to.

2) Balloons. Don’t get me wrong. I love how they look and there’s something really liberating about walking around with them.  I’m constantly afraid that some asshole is going to come up and pop one. The noise of a balloon popping is one of the most cringe inducing noises ever. Even when I know its coming, I will never be prepared to hear it without flinching.

    Damn you, sadistic children!

    So as long as my halloween doesn’t include drowning on the subway while a bundle of balloons are popping around me, I’m looking forward Halloween!

    I plan on dressing as  Myra Hindley (….probably Myra Hindley in a bear hat, if its cold out)  and making a mix cd to hand out after I eat all the candy intended for children. Not shockingly, the ear candy will probably involve a lot of Murder City Devils and this:

    A Love Train (76/365)

    February 15, 2010

    I happen to have had the best Valentines day ever. I had such a day full of love that I decided to spread it around a bit.

    I turned the L train into the Love train.


    Urban Party Town(66/365)

    February 5, 2010