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Anti Feminine Fashion

March 12, 2010

I am not a girly girl. Polyvore has just reminded me of this…

ohHobo Sac

July 24, 2009

Le' Sac

The summer edition of whats in the bag, is much lighter.

1. Ex Libris Anonymous made my blank papered journal out of a 1966 first aid handbook for children. The journal is separated into three sections by some original pages of text and illustration. I use it to draw, write recipes, and lists. Lots of lists.

2. Japanese Matcha candies! Anyone who tries them seems to refer to its surprisingly dense texture and bittersweet green tea taste by using the exact same word. “Interesting”. I have a sugar problem, so in the time it takes me to get through one of these slightly sweet candies, the itch usually passes.

3. Woody Allen on Woody Allen. A seriesĀ  of interviews that Stig Bjorkman conducted with Allen about his movies and life, through them. Interview collection books are usually my favorite thing to read on the train, because ending a chapter is short enough for the average train trip.

4. My my Metrocard. The New Yorkers equivalent of car keys.

5. Reading glasses, because I have old people vision.

6. My sunglasses, because I want to prevent worsening my old people vision.

7. Panasonic retro headphones. Of the 9 sets of headphones I own, these are my favorite. Despite the ‘look at me.’ color that they accidentally sent me. You know the theory that what one person sees as red, may really be blue or whatever? Well I guess Panasonics white is actually lime green.

8. I like to try to keep my mouth as clean as possible, anytime I feel like want to smoke a cigarette. A habit I kicked almost half a year ago. My thought is that if I keep my mouth fresh, then I won’t want to ruin it with tar. Breath strips, floss, tea tree oil toothpics….They will never make me feel the same way Luckies did.

9. Its a bag of makeup. I don’t ever use it once I leave the house, yet I carry it out of habit.

10. Dual card reader for my camera. Because you never know when you’ll be bored near a computer that allows you to upload photos. The dinosaur sticker is on it so that it doesn’t get confused with other peoples card readers. Don’t you hate when electronic accessories get lost in the shuffle?

11. Even though I don’t smoke and I HATE cats, I carry cat lighters only for the reaction value from when I hand it to a smoker who needs to borrow a light.

12. Nivea hand cream. ’cause I is chappy

13. My robot friend for obvious reasons.