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Bitches, Bridges, and Bedrooms

March 30, 2009

Helen Levitt died at the age of 95, in her Manhattan apartment.

I remember how inspired and effected I was by this photo, as a little Little.

It was so timeless and reminded me of everything that I loved about New Yorkers and adolescence. It wasn’t until much later, that I discovered the image was from 1939.

Her photos always gave me the sense of memorability, at first glance. Followed by effectiveness upon looking just a little bit further

100 years ago, today, the Queensborough Bridge was completed. Only killing 50 people, in the process!

The Queensborough Bridge is so commonly overlooked. I blame the Brooklyn Bridge, for this.

With 4 top lanes, and 5 bottom lanes, it really does an amazing job at commuting traffic into Midtown. Even in the worst of traffic, I don’t think I’ve ever been on there for over 25 minutes.

The Bowery Boys did a pretty interesting little blog about the bridge today. Enjoy the fuck out of it!

At this turning point of my life, I am reminded of the memories of this bridge in my life, as stupid as it may sound. Its just a fucking bridge.

Finishing up my true New Yorker post, I feel pretty inspired by tiny pods!

I wish i owned a little area and a big fucking drill.