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How to make Pie to-go!

January 14, 2010

I spent my holidays with my family of friends…and their friends…and their sisters. Point is, it was a big pot luck feast where we didn’t sit down and pass the gravy, but we all made a delicious finger food, set it on the table, and plucked at them through out the day.

So instead of making a big messy pie, I made pie pops!


Having my Cake and Not Eating Two.

August 11, 2009

There is something slightly sad about the amount of forks that came along with my single order of pancakes…

Hate to say it, but there are a few things about Los Angeles that New York just can’t get right.

  • Mexican food
  • Remodeling homes without destroying the original architecture
  • and the red neck kind of ‘fusion foods’ that so many diners on the West Coast have perfected.

I roam shake shops all over New York, searching for a place that can copy 101 Coffee Shops Orange Creamsicle milkshake without making it taste just a bit too much like vomit. And it baffles me why a place in the city hasn’t thought to grind coffee beans INTO their coffee flavored milkshakes, like they do at Swingers.

There are only a few places in New York who take chances with their food and succeed….and right now I can only think of Vinnies Pizza in Brooklyn, which to be honest that place is a hit or miss. I still don’t know what I think of the tortellini pizza I ate there….

This morning I ordered the Black Magic Pancakes from The Griddle Cafe. Pancakes with crushed oreos throughout the batter.

Not only were they delicious, but they were fucking huuuuuge! I got through 1/2 out of 3 pancakes, and I kind of pride myself of being a human garbage disposal…

hand to pancake ratio….

Poor Mans Meal: Chicken and Broccoli With Wonton Noodles in Oyster Sauce

May 2, 2009

ilovenoodlesI can’t resist a good noodle dish! It has made me cringe at the thought substituting it with rice.

Recipes don’t seem to appeal to me unless its on TV or accompanied by many photos to reassure me that I didn’t have to go to culinary school in order to not mess it up.Its been so long since I’ve cooked anything. Lack of home, free time, and motivation have been large contributing factors. Not to mention that, I find it hard to make a meal when I know I’m the only person who will be eating it. It just seems like a waste of food. But today I’ve proven myself wrong!

I threw something together for my lunch today that took 10 bucks, 5 minutes, and no effort!