About Me

  • Hi there! My name is Chloe and I love a good list.
  • I even love a bad list.
  • I just love lists!
  • I’ve always lived a frugal lifestyle. A “recessionista” when it just meant being a broke teenager.
  • Todd Oldham has been my friendship crush for as long as I can recall.
  • I love rescuing a piece of curb side furniture from its impending doom.
  • I also love to challange myself into making the perfect treat for my belly by trying several versions of the same recipe till I find “the one”.
  • I like turn things I draw into things I can hold and hug by sewing them.
  • I like to give them homes through my etsy page called I Felt That.
  • Of all the things I love, photography is my favorite. I have a website full of my fancy shots.
  • My email address is Chloe@ohchloe.com
  • Email me anything at all any time o’ day!

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