Remember when Audrey Hepburn tossed that cat out of the cab, at the end of Breakfast at Tiffanys, as some sort of romantic display of freedom? Have you ever wondered what would have happened to that thing if George Peppard hadn’t put her in her place, and gone looking for it? I think I came across the grim result of what may have happened to Cat, if someone other than Capote had written the story.

I was walking to the subway from my house faster that usual, to avoid the cold any more than I had to, when this little guy slowly limped into the middle of the street and took a seat. I quickly snapped a photo of its black silhouette in the middle of the isolated snow white road and then realized that it was in really bad shape. I got closer, and took a more detailed shot.

Due to my hatred for cats, I kind of said “poor dude” and walked on. Then guilt set in. I thought of how horrible it must be to need help, and have someone document your pain as amusement. I realized that if I left, I would never be able to look at the photographs of this cat without a voice in the back of my head reminding me that this was the shot that represented me being a bad person. Someone heartless enough to walk away from something that needed help.

I turned around and went back to the cat just before it just rammed by a semi truck. I scooted it to the side of the road, called animal control to come and pick it up, and waited around for a bit listening to it wheezing for air.

I was hoping that by crossing a black cats path, and going beck to help it, would be good luck for me. Unfortunately though, I was told that I only absorb one of its lives. So when you see me crawling around at the age of 150, it has something to do with this photo.

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17 Responses to “Cat.”

  1. thoughtsappear Says:

    Oh my gosh…that poor cat. It was nice of you to go back!

  2. TC Says:

    St Chloe! When you have your own cult, let me know.

  3. monkeyKing Says:

    very sad about Cat. very nice that you helped.
    i once ran out into traffic (before thinking it thru) and helped a blind homeless guy tap his way across a busy de highway. How can you not help eh?

  4. Laura O! Says:

    The poor guy. It’s really kind of you to have gone back to help him out. Hopefully he got some warm blankets and medical attention once he got to the shelter.

  5. Alison Heller Says:

    An old boyfriend once ran over a squirrel & I freaked out & demanded that he turn around because it was still moving! I wrapped it in his jacket & screamed the whole way to vet while this half dead, bleeding squirrel summoned every bit of angry energy it had left to try & claw my face off. Sadly, the vet had to euthanize it, but at least it wasn’t suffering on the road for God knows how long.

    I hope the cat has a happier ending. Going back for him is sure to bring you luck!

    • ohChloe Says:

      oh my god! did the squirrel actually hurt you at all?
      I got a baby squirrel that was kicked out of a tree by its mother, and while i was taking it to the vet, it did the same thing, but it was too small and weak to actually get out of my hands.

  6. scottcarberry Says:

    Do you know where Animal Control took her? Maybe you now love cats and should make the kitty your own once the vets have gotten le puss healthy.

    • ohChloe Says:

      they took her to a shelter in queens, but i didnt really follow up.
      I think my dog would have been so pissed if I can home with a cat. As if I were a trader. haha

  7. Fen Says:

    Poor thing looks like it has a serious case of cat flu or even FIV. Poor thing, you are lovely for looking out for it.

    • ohChloe Says:

      I just had to look up both of those cat sicknesses. I know nothing about kittens. I’m glad that human flu dosen’t make us puss from the eyes, like cat flu

  8. M Says:

    Those photos break my heart. So happy you helped the meow.

  9. dietplaid Says:

    That’s so heartbreaking 😦 Poor little feline. I hope they fix him up alright.

  10. Kourai Says:

    I’m so glad you came back to help him.
    If it was my cat (and I have two) I would be happy to know someone was there to help him.

  11. Katie Says:

    bless your heart ❤

  12. Fragolina Says:

    You did good that you went back to help him. it’s a poor cat, maybe sick, he needs help. ohh he’s so cute… and he looks helpless & weak. The important thing, is he ok now?? did they fix his problem??

  13. Keyboard Kitten Says:

    Thank God you helped this poor cat! I’ll never understand people who can be so cruel by not helping our furry friends in their time of need. This poor guy was probably put to sleep shortly after he was picked up by Animal Control, but at least he’s out of his misery and pain and in Heaven with God now….:)

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