The Catastrophe and The Calm

Remember when it began snowing and I thought it was just lovely? What an asshole, I was.

I thought it was so lovely out, that I even took a stroll out to Shake Shack and received some ice cream with my burger.

I looked down at my hands to see that the lack of blood rushing to them, had turned my fingers into a nice shade of violet. Then I saw lightening and realized it was probably serious enough to get back inside.

Now, the distance between my train stop and my front door, usually consists of a 5 minute walk.

Getting of the train in the middle of a really intense blizzard was a different story. Opening my eyes left me too venerable to letting hail, snow, and wind blind me. after having my face cut open by the weather conditions, I figured out the only way to walk home safely. Backwards. I walked down an abandoned street, backwards, in 30 mph wind. It took me a half an hour to get home.

Then I proceeded to go a bit stir crazy, in my house.

When The sun emerged, its was calm enough to go out and take a look at the aftermath. I always thought I was an anti-snow kind of girl, but I love the way it looks outside! So surreal.



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9 Responses to “The Catastrophe and The Calm”

  1. Cherry Says:

    Your photos are pretty amazing! They catch the surreality so well. Makes me want to leave this snowy wasteland for the snowy city so badly.

  2. Frank Says:

    You know what’s weird? When I read about how great you thought the snow was, I thought, “What an asshole she is.”

    PS Glad your fingers didn’t fall off?

  3. monkeyKing Says:

    nice. (not the snow. just the photos and video.)

  4. Frank Says:

    PPS I didn’t really think you were an asshole.

  5. Laura O! Says:

    This all happened the day after I left to visit my mom. I can’t believe I missed it. The aftermath of piles of crunchy ice are not nearly as amusing. FFFFUUUU Florida!

    Also, you’re not an asshole. There’s no better time to eat ice cream than during a snowstorm, frostbite be damned!

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