Objects of Affection

Photo above is from my Out with the Old photo project from 2009.

The thing I learned from being a fly on the wall around dudes, is that if you want to get laid by your date, you have to really not be expecting it to happen at all. Just clear the whole idea from your memory. I think I went into the holiday season with the same approach.

I was really not expecting anything for Christmas. I had really low expectations. I feel like all I deserve is coal. Well, kairo. Kairo are those little  disposable Japanese heat packs that are primarily made of coal. They last for hours and have the most adorable packaging ever. Thanks to my Floridian years, wearing two of them under my layers of clothing is necessary for daily survival in this weather.

I ended up buying a ton of them as a gift to myself. Then I started receiving the most amazing things in the mail! I had a really amazing Christmas. I got the following:

A KitchenAid, from my mom!

If I had the option of trading my arm for something more useful, I would trade it out for this attachment. Its made everything I do in the kitchen so much easier.

A Wacom tablet from my siblings

Tins, from  James

Candy, from his dietary restrictions.

Abest friend, from Atlanta. (so what if he’s not an object)

A Christmas card that looked as though it had been shot at by a bedazzler, from Nixon.

A few pairs of really comfy sock slippers and a few really endearing Christmas cards, from my nana and great aunt.

Betsy Johnson lingerie, from a secret someone.

and some of my favorite perfume to go along with it.

Twin massive bottles of lavender soap, from TC.

a new adorable keychain, from Twinkie Chan

a Leica R3 rental (shot with my new 50mm), from Frank

This long feathered earring, from Gala. Along with the bone barrette that I made, I feel like a very fancy indian, sometimes.

And a very goofy Indian, at others.

The only gift that I can’t take photos of, is my trip to Thailand and Vietnam, that will be happening in February!  What an exciting gift to segue me into the new year!

Although I brag, I know its not about the gifts as much as the people who gave them to me. Everything I received is about to get some heavy usage (except for the candy, which is already gone and the friend who, again, is not an object.) and I’m going to be able to be reminded of where and who it came from , on a daily basis. I’m an unbelievably lucky girl with some really amazing friends and family.

What did you guys get for Christmas?!


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13 Responses to “Objects of Affection”

  1. Frank Says:

    Think of it as a loan rather than a rental! I really hope you get as much joy out of the R3 and its lenses as I have.

    I got some socks

    I got a very unexpected Benneli Shotgun that is pretty and great for filling the gumbo pot but probably wont get much use as I am not a frequent hunter.

    My wonderful girlfriend gave me a FlipHD 2gig pocket-sized video camera and a banana slicer from her 2 year olds.

    My cousin gave my a pewter stone with my initials on it for all the grog I should be drinking. I also got some cocktail rocks so I think my family is trying to turn me into an alcoholic.

    I got some pajamas covered in crossword puzzles, some cash, a few cookbooks, some Turkish spices, a book on the impact of horticulture of human evolution and another book on sugar barons in Cuban. Lastly I got some vintage Pyrex for my expanding collection.

    My grandfather used to have a John Deere dealership in north Louisiana so I got some reproductions of t-shirts from a 60’s version of promotional ones that he used to make. I gave one to each family member and made one for myself, which I am very happy with.

    All in all, I made off like a bandit.

    One of the cliched but none-the-less truths about Christmas is that much of the joy comes with giving things to others. This could not have been more true than with the t-shirts which were very popular. But the real pleasure was in giving my girlfriends baby girl a new set of blocks and a cute dress. There is nothing like see total surprise and guileless joy spread across the face of a little kid. And who wouldn’t want to make this toe-headed angel happy!

  2. monkeyKing Says:

    I was able to take a nice long trail ride on Christmas (before the storm arrived). The ride was made even better by receiving a drunken phone call halfway through the ride… *I had too much eggnog. teeheehee. Merry Christmas monkeeeey!)
    I received several very warm sweaters from family. My dog received Doggles from my dad. (The dog is now safely kitted for riding in my sidehack. Though its gonna take a while to convince her to wear them.) And was very surprised with the gift of coffee!

    The best part was getting all the home cooked meals and treats. I can’t cook. Or at least I can’t cook well. So handing me a large plate of turkey (w/ stuffing), a big pot of meatballs, or piles of cookies to take home is a giggling treat.
    I caved in and finally bought that jacket I’ve wanted too.

  3. hsjostedt Says:

    I received my very first kitchen-aid mixer this year too! My mother-in-law got me the charcoal textured gray one and I’m still getting giddy every time I look at it. 🙂

    My mother also crocheted me this huge coat of a sweater that I’m going to live in for a few months.

    I learned to knit off YouTube this year and returned everyone’s generosity with homemade items like mittens, scarves, hats and socks. Sounds like you need all those where you are now. I’m not missing my old Boston winters!

    • ohChloe Says:

      Every time i look at my kitchen, since the mixer, I feel like its somehow more complete!
      Do you have a problem cleaning flour off the textured mixer? I do, but I think it may be because its black.
      I tried teaching myself how to knit, just so that I could have something protective to wear. Turns out, I hate knitting. Kudos to you!

      • Heather Says:

        A soaking wet paper towel seems to do the trick with the flour problem. What was the first thing you made in your mixer?

        We should negotiate a trade. I’ll knit you something in exchange for one of your little stuffed masterpieces if you’re game. 😉

      • Heather Says:

        I hate using smiley faces. I have no idea why I’m using the crap out of them on your blog.

    • ohChloe Says:

      First thing I made was ginger bread cookies. What about you?
      I’m totally into a trade AND your appropriate usage of emoticons!!

  4. Laura O! Says:

    That is quite an impressive gift list! I got a periodic table shower curtain (to practice while I shower, you see) and gifted myself a feather earring similar to the one you got.

    Vietnam and Thailand? Sounds incredible. Enjoy the sights and the food, and bring back tons of amazing pictures.

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