Spoons And ‘Toons.

As much as I enjoy the tradition of weekend brunches filled with a table of hungover friends looking down shamefully, I more so miss the days of waking up and seeing how long I could possibly stay in bed watching cartoons until my stomach told me I had to get out of my room and into the kitchen for a sugary cereal fix and a glass of artificial strawberry milk.

Nothing brings out the kid in me quite like a Strawberry Quik White Russian.

At what age did that stop becoming the most loved and anticipated part of my Saturday? The question puzzled me for quite sometime before realizing that it didn’t. Turns out that at the age of 25, I still prefer a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch along side an episode of Bobbys World over a 45 minute wait for a 15 dollar omelette at someplace too loud to enjoy that time with my friends.

This is a conclusion I recently came to with the help of Spoons, Toons, and Booze. An free (yet donation friendly) event that, since this summer, has been hosted every Saturday at the Brooklyn Knitting Factory. Remember David the Gnome or The Adventures of Gummi Bears? They do. Spoons, Toons, & Booze satisfies both your current and nostalgic needs by allowing you to get hammered while watching a wide array of retro classic cartoons and enjoy any of the several provided cereals!

(or a mixture of your favorites, since being an adult means no one can limit your sugar intake.)

The above mentioned concoction obviously belonged to this manchild

I happen to decide on documenting my Saturday morning on a D.A.R.E. themed cartoon day. It involved

  • Cartoons that were based around anti-drug education
  • PSA’s featuring Pee Wee, TMNT, and some questionable songs
  • A drug trivia round, to which I helped lead my team to victory!

The paper was apparently recycled from TV Party nights.

Spoons, Toons, & Booze is held between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. every Saturday at 361 Metropolitan Ave.

All photos by Chloe Rice

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5 Responses to “Spoons And ‘Toons.”

  1. Anna Says:

    You just sold New York to me

  2. Laura O! Says:

    That sounds magical.

  3. Ivy Says:

    Pray tell, what are those cereals in the fourth photo? It’s how I imagine leprechaun droppings would look. I too favour cinnamon cereal, especially Curiously Cinnamon which has a great advert in which one cinnamon square cannibalises another. And of course there’ll always be a place in my heart for Lucky Charms.

    I hope you’re well and have had a great day! I’m currently off work with a throat infection but it means I get to watch hours of starchy British costume dramas, like A Room With A View. ❤

  4. Ivy Says:

  5. Kayla Marie Says:

    I really like all of your pictures 🙂

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