A Cold and Positive Outlook

A few years back, I jumped the gun on what was considered “warm weather” and went to Coney Island to take some photos. There was still mounds of snow holding scummy water puddles in its center and it was NOT warm. My cotton sweater and long sleeved shirt didn’t really keep me from catching a slight cold, later that week. While I shuffled along the boardwalk, teeth chattering, I noticed a swarm of seagulls fluttering from the floor to the air and back again. In the center of this pit of feathers, I noticed a man who had wheeled a shopping cart right into the snowy sand and up to the water, to feed them. This man was engulfed in birds and weather appropriate clothing.

He embraced the season for what it was, and didn’t let him effect what he wanted to do.

I’m trying to find the positive in the things that I usually dread. Snow is defiantly high up on that list. Looking back on this photo, I’ve decided that I’m looking forward to snow. So instead of cursing under my breath as a trek through the wetness, I’m excited to make warm foods (this mushroom soup will be first on that list) and listen to Mose Allison

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One Response to “A Cold and Positive Outlook”

  1. Laura O! Says:

    I’m glad you have decided to give snow another chance. It’s quite the magical stuff, I believe, and it hopefully won’t disappoint you. And if you need a snow cheerleader through the process, I’ll be more than glad to strap on my boots and make the track down unshovelled sidewalks to meet you.

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