Stay Sane

A couple of friends and I took the Huffington Post bus from NY to DC for the Rally to Restore Sanity. 3 Americans and a Canadian just going to the show support for logic. There was obviously a memo that Bettina missed reguarding the fact that we were all going as ColBears. 

But she did a great job of keeping us all from being lost in the crowd despite how incognito she decided to dress.

It seems like old news, so far into November, but lets just pretend that I was waiting for Veterans Day to patriotically post some photos from it, eh?

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2 Responses to “Stay Sane”

  1. dietplaid Says:

    Awesome hats!

  2. Stimpleton J. Braithwaite Rog Junior Says:

    What a clusterfuck of inanity, I haven’t seen protesters this blithe since the 1960s. Hooray for clever signs.

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