2 Responses to “Squash Sucking Freaks”

  1. Laura O! Says:

    Your nightstands evokes seriously sweet memories of my dad bringing me scorpions, horse flies and snakes in jars of formalin from the farm where he worked. I also love the poison jar (I love antique bottles!) and the juxtaposition with the perfume.

  2. thegingersguidetolife Says:

    Once upon a time I forgot your journal existed and then I remembered and I went and read your blog again and it made me realise how rad you are. You post interesting, easy to read things and I think my favourite post is when you decorated your room. I think it’s because I’ve moved four times this year and sort of live out of a suitcase but not really but kind of. I realise that makes me sound like I’m eight but I’m really tired but can’t fall asleep until my hair is dry and it’s logical to get the hair dryer out but I broke the ugly antique lamp on my bedside table and can’t see much. The End.

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